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Best Party Combinations in Fire Emblem Engage

Best Party Combinations in Fire Emblem Engage
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In a game like Fire Emblem Engage, your success will depend on the units that make up your party. Fans of tactical RPGs are not new to this concept, but figuring out the best party combinations still requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each available character, class, or unit.

If you don’t have the time or patience to study everything in detail on your own, our guide to the best party combinations in Fire Emblem Engage should help!

What Is the Best Party Combination in Fire Emblem Engage?

With a typical party consisting of 10 characters, we can split it into frontline and backline party members. Here are the best in each subdivision.

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Best Frontline Party Members in Fire Emblem Engage

Obviously, one of the frontline members of any party in Fire Emblem Engage will be the game’s main character, the Dragon Alear, wielding a sword. Next to them, you may want to have a Cavalry member and at least one Armored unit. A good option for the Cavalry is Vander, who can prove quite useful at the beginning of the game, but you can exchange him for Alfred or Merrin later on. When it comes to Armored members, you will first unlock Louis (Chapter 4), but feel free to try Jade when you get her in Chapter 9, since she’s quite resistant to mages.

You may also want to add two backup members, wielding a sword and an axe. In our opinion, Diamant and Boucheron excel in these roles, but you can experiment with other options too. To round everything off, we suggest adding one Flying member, and Chloe is a good choice, considering that you unlock her early on.

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Best Backline Party Members in Fire Emblem Engage

One of the first roles you have to fill out in the supporting part of your team is that of a mage, i.e. Mystical. Celine is a good choice at the beginning, but you may want to try Citrinne as well later on, and Anna has the potential to become the strongest mage in the game if you’re patient enough.

For the Qi Adept unit, you can choose Jean or Framme, and the plus is that they can both act as healers with Staff proficiency. Your team will be complete with some Covert units, and you may want to include at least one archer. You can start with Etie, but we recommend replacing her with Alcryst and adding Yunaka as well when you get these characters.

That concludes our suggestions for the best party combinations in Fire Emblem Engage. Of course, this combination is relative depending on how far along in the story you are, what characters you have been upgrading, and who your favorites are. So, we suggest using this guide as a starting point and experimenting around to find the party combination that matches your playstyle the best.

Let us know about your dream team and make sure to catch up with our other Fire Emblem Engage guides.

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Best Party Combinations in Fire Emblem Engage


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