Best Mages in Fire Emblem Engage, Ranked | Fire Emblem Engage Tier List

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The Fire Emblem series has featured a lot of mages over the years, and this is one of the classes that many players rely on as support in combat. Usually weak on the front lines, mages can do some serious damage from behind or heal your other units, so picking a strong representative of this class is always advised.

Still, when a game like Fire Emblem Engage gives you so many characters and a chance to change their original classes, you may be confused about who you should invest in and pick as your number one mage.

As you probably want only the best for your team, we have compiled a ranked tier list of the best mages in Fire Emblem Engage to help you select the right one for you.

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Best Mages in Fire Emblem Engage

Not many characters in Fire Emblem Engage start out as mages—only Clanne and Citrinne have this as their base class. And while Citrinne can upgrade her Magic stats from 15 to 40, which makes her one of the strongest magic users in the game, Clanne falls behind with a minor progression in this regard: he can only go from base 8 to a maximum of 10.

Fire Emblem Engage also brings a few surprises in terms of who the strongest magic wielder can be. When comparing stats, it is little Axe Wielder Anna who takes first place. She may not strike you as a powerful mage at first, especially not with her base Magic stats of 2. Still, she can be upgraded to be the strongest character within this category, with her maximum Magic at a staggering 50.

Of course, you would have to invest a lot of time and resources into building Anna as a powerful mage. First you need to reclass her after getting her to Axe Wielder level 10, then invest in tome proficiency, a second seal, master seal, and bond fragments.

You only need to decide whether all of that is worth it or if you would rather stick with someone who is somewhat weaker but easier to manage. The bearer of the best mage title naturally changes as you progress through the game and unlock other characters, so it’s not a bad idea to focus on the best option for the time being as well.

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Fire Emblem Engage Tier List of Mages

To help you understand the magical potential of each character, we have compiled a tier list of the best mages in Fire Emblem Engage based on their Magic growth:

SAnna, Citrinne, Mauvier, Veyle
AChloe, Ivy, Pandreo
BAlear, Framme, Celine, Yunaka, Lapis, Jade, Fogato, Timerra, Merrin, Hortensia, Rosado, Lindon, Jean
CVander, Clanne, Alcryst, Diamant, Kagetsu, Zelkov, Bunet, Panette, Seadall
DAlfred, Etie, Boucheron, Louis, Amber, Goldmary, Saphir

There you have it—you can now make a more informed decision when picking your mage in Fire Emblem Engage. Let us know if you have any suggestions about tier placements, and explore our section dedicated to Fire Emblem Engage.

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Best Mages in Fire Emblem Engage, Ranked | Fire Emblem Engage Tier List


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