How to Get Anna in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide

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Ok, Fire Emblem Engage might not be a Pokémon game, but you will still want to catch ’em all—playable characters, that is. And if you’ve been with the Fire Emblem franchise for a while, you will probably be interested in finally recruiting Anna, the cute redhead that appeared in previous games as a guide, a merchant, or just as a cameo.

We bring you all the details on how to get Anna in Fire Emblem Engage with this straight-to-the-point recruitment guide.

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When Can You Get Anna in Fire Emblem Engage?

You get a chance to recruit Anna right before you start Chapter 7. After completing Chapter 6, a new Paralogue, called Mysterious Merchant, will become available on the world map at the Bandit’s Hideout. Head there and prepare for a fight, because you will need to dispose of some thieves soon.

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How to Recruit Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

When you get to the Bandit’s Hideout, Anna is locked in one of the treasure chests those thieves are trying to loot. Depending on how fast you are at reaching the chests, you will either find her locked inside or see her pop out when thieves get to her hiding place.

If you don’t get to her first, she will join the fight anyway, trying to get rid of the bandits on her own. Make sure that Alear talks to her, then proceed with killing the enemies. In case you recruit her during the fight, you will notice her health turn blue. You can also talk to her after the fight and she will join your team, hoping to cross paths with her family again.

And now you know how to recruit Anna in Fire Emblem Engage! If you need more assistance with this Nintendo Switch game, check out our dedicated section.

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How to Get Anna in Fire Emblem Engage – Recruitment Guide


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