Best Character Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem Engage brings cool new mechanics to the game, one of most notable being the Emblem Rings. Thanks to this feature, you get to pair your units with the essences of the heroes of the Fire Emblem universe and have them fight for you.

You have the freedom to choose each pairing according to your preferences, but the sheer number of options can easily get confusing. In this guide, we sum up the ones we think are the best character pairings in Fire Emblem Engage.

Some mild spoilers may come up, because certain characters unlock later on in the game, so tread carefully.

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Best Marth Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Marth is a great pairing for the main character Alear. It makes sense that this bond happens by default in the game. Due to his great offensive skills, Marth also pairs well with support characters like Kagetsu or Diamant, but having him in any combination will make sure your whole party benefits from his attack boost.

Best Sigurd Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

The best Sigurd pairing will depend on how far along in the game you are. Combining his powers with Alfred is okay at first, as they’re both mounted units, but you can try out pairing Sigurd with Vander or even Veyle later on.

Best Celica Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Celica is all about magic, so the most logical choice for this pairing would be Ivy, Clanne, or Celine. Using Celica is great for ranged attacks, thanks to her Warp Ragnarok ability, but make sure to protect her from counterattacks.

Best Micaiah Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

This ring comes with great healing powers, so you may immediately think about pairing it with Jean. However, Micaiah’s skills work great with flying characters like Hortensia too. If you’re going to rely on Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice while paired with a healer-type, make sure you have a secondary healer on the team.

Best Roy Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

If you want to speed up the attack power of your unit, Roy is the emblem you’re looking for. His Advance and Hold Out skills work great on characters like Alfred, Diamant, or Goldmary, increasing their survival power and allowing them to reach otherwise untouchable enemies.

Best Leif Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Leif is flexible and gives great boosts to weapon-wielding units, so some of the best pairings involving Leif would be with Jade or Louis, but you can experiment with combining this emblem ring with Alear as well. Whoever you choose, the enemies are going to have a difficult time resisting Leif’s Quadruple Hit.

Best Lyn Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Another excellent emblem for units that rely on ranged attacks, Lyn is excellent with the flyer Chloe or the covert-type Alcryst and his bow. Her Alacrity and Speedtaker skills give speed-reliant units an even deadlier effect, so consider that when choosing who to pair Lyn with on your team.

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Best Lucina Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Indispensable in front-line combat, the skills that come with Lucina’s ring will work great with support characters as well. This emblem allows you to call upon other allies and have them focus on a single target, or to use the Bonded Shield and protect others. We recommended pairing Lucina with Diamant or, for an even spicier combination, with the archer Alcryst.

Best Ike Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

If you want to cut through enemy lines without any fear of damage, Ike is the emblem for you. You can try this ring on Alear or keep it for a somewhat more obvious choice—Diamant. With Ike’s Laguz Friend skill, Diamant can become truly unstoppable.

Best Byleth Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Byleth works well with a lot of different units, so whoever you choose to wear this ring can be a good choice. Still, using Byleth with flying units like Hortensia or Chloe or a healer like Jean is the direction you may want to take here, because Byleth’s powers will make these support units much stronger.

Best Corinn Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

Corinn is great for strategizing and making sure the battle goes the way you want it—thanks to her Dragon Vein ability, which alters the terrain. Until you get Pandreo or Veyle, you can think about pairing this emblem with Yunaka and hide your team in a mist when needed.

Best Eirika Pairing in Fire Emblem Engage

With Eirika, you get her brother Ephraim as well, which means a nice double set of skills you can take advantage of. Because of her great defense and healing and ability to tank a lot of damage, Eirika is perfect for front-line fighters like Merrin or Mauvier.

Best Character Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage — Summary

CharacterBest Pairings
MarthAlear, Kagetsu, Diamant
SigurdAlfred, Vander, Veyle
CelicaIvy, Clanne, Celine
MicaiahJean, Hortensia
RoyAlfred, Diamant, Goldmary
LeifJade, Louis, Alear
LynChloe, Alcryst
LucinaDiamant, Alcryst
IkeAlear, Diamant
BylethHortensia, Chloe, Jean
CorinnPandreo, Veyle, Yunaka
EirikaMerrin, Mauvier

And that covers our list of the best character pairings in Fire Emblem Engage. The beauty of this game lies in the freedom it offers to players to combine and boost units with these powerful emblems, so feel free to experiment and find the combinations that work best for you.

Let us know about which pairings you find particularly useful, and check out our other guides in the section dedicated to Fire Emblem Engage.

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Best Character Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage


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