Is Fire Emblem Engage the Best Game in the Series? – Answered

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The Fire Emblem franchise has been around for more than 30 years now. The last entry before Fire Emblem EngageFire Emblem: Three Houses—was a great success and the best-selling game in the series. Therefore, all eyes are on Engage now, to see how well this follow-up act will perform.

Fire Emblem Engage is already creating a lot of buzz and getting some great reviews. Still, earning the title of the best game in the franchise is not going to be easy. In this article, we will compare Three Houses, which is the most successful Fire Emblem title so far, and Fire Emblem Engage in some key aspects to help you determine if it is the best game in the series.

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In terms of gameplay, Fire Emblem Engage feels more like a classic Fire Emblem game than Three Houses did. The fighting mechanics rely on the weapon triangle and the good old rock-paper-scissors strategy, which many fans will love to see again. Engage also allows you to explore the battlefield when you’re done fighting, which is a welcome addition to the way the game works.

Fire Emblem Engage introduces a new element in the form of Emblem Rings, collectible items containing the essences of previous Fire Emblem heroes, who can now fight for you. This is a neat addition to the gameplay, but it also feels a little bit like an excuse to bring old characters back.

The home base in Engage is the floating island of Somniel, which looks peaceful and relaxing, but, unfortunately, doesn’t give you too many options to socialize with other characters and build your bond with them. Some players will probably miss the more hectic atmosphere of the Three Houses’ Academy.

Characters and the Story

Fire Emblem Engage revolves around the character called Divine Dragon, who slept for 1,000 years but is now awakened to help defeat the forces of evil. This game features design from a new visual artist called Mika Pikazo. Whether you find the way characters look more appealing or not will be a matter of personal taste.

The storyline of Engage is bound to be different from the more open approach to the plot featured in Three Houses. Engage feels more like a classic in this sense, especially because its pacing is much faster. This is another point that will make some fans happy, while others may long for the more relaxed worldbuilding of Three Houses.

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New games within the same franchise usually look better, and that is the case with Fire Emblem Engage as well. If we put character design changes that may or may not appeal to hardcore fans aside, Engage performs much better in this aspect compared to other Fire Emblem games.

Textures are smoother and more realistic, and there are not so many of the choppy transitions that plagued Three Houses, so the overall visual experience for players already looks much better.

So, Is Fire Emblem Engage the Best Game in the Series?

It’s hard to tell yet since the game is still to be released, but Fire Emblem Engage has several elements that promise great success. In some aspects, like graphics, it is already a step forward in that direction, from what we’ve seen in the previews.

Still, it is difficult to predict how changes to the gameplay, character design, and story will affect sales and the opinions of fans around the world. We are looking at Fire Emblem Engage with unbridled optimism, but the jury is still out on whether it will be the best game in the series.

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Is Fire Emblem Engage the Best Game in the Series? – Answered


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