I was pretty late with my Clash of Clans addiction, which only started a couple of months ago, but ever since I finally decided to install it, I always wanted more. And since the wait times are generally killing it for me, I have decided to look for some great games like Clash of Clans to give me some variety and extra options when waiting for an upgrade to be finished and troops to be trained.

And since I am not a person to keep these games for himself, I decided to share with you my list of best games like Clash of Clans. In case you somehow decided you no longer need a life.

Jungle Heat

01 jungle heat

One of my favorite games all around, Jungle Heat is very similar to Clash of Clans in terms of concept, looks a lot better than it in my opinion and is a real challenge: there are tons of players in the game, so a lot to choose from when deciding to attack, and they have options like creating alliances where people help each other out with troops. A really good game that I strongly recommend if you are a fan of Clash of Clans. You can find Jungle Heat on iTunes, available for free. And if you have trouble getting better at the game, check out our Jungle Heat cheats.

Samurai Siege

02 samurai

A game like Clash of Clans set in an Asian backdrop, featuring eye catching Asian themed troops, decorations and plants. The game plays just like Clash of Clans, though, so if you love the original, you will feel at home with Samurai Siege. There is also a decent base of fans playing the game, so you will once again have options when it comes to attacking. Check it out over at iTunes.

Apoc Wars

03 apoc wars

If you’re not all for the multiplayer aspect of the game, although in my opinion that’s all that matters in this type of game, Apoc Wars is the title for you as it is a story driven game like Clash of Clans. It has a nice set of troops and cel-shaded graphics and could probably be considered the best option if you don’t have too much time on your hands. Check out Apoc Wars here.

Kingdom Clash

04 kingdom clash

Vanquish your enemies and expand your Kingdom in this FREE strategy game! Lead your armies against other players and defeat the evil forces of the Iron Swarm. Rule your Kingdom, build your armies, and defend your Stronghold with unique weaponry! Check it out here.

Battle Dragons

05 battle dragons

I am sure that bringing dragons to a game like Clash of Clans is a great idea, and Battle Dragons proves that. Although it mostly plays identically to CoC, Battle Dragons has a nice feature that allows you to attack your own village – a good way to see what are your weak points and how to improve your defenses. So head over to iTunes and check out the game!

These are the top 5 best games like Clash of Clans. I am sure that the future will bring us even more similar games and we can only hope that they will manage to innovate the genre, not simply copy the successful recipe of CoC.


  1. I have played clash of clans it was a very addicting game, when the new update came my phone would not allow me to get it. I then was on the search for games like it, that is when I found Kingdom Clash. It is very much alike to Clash of Clans, I recommend getting it if you are looking for new game just like COC. 