Home Guides Rise of Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build an Amazing Empire

Rise of Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build an Amazing Empire

Rise of Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build an Amazing Empire

Combining classic gameplay elements from strategy games with modern ones, Rise of Kingdoms is an amazing and highly addictive mobile strategy game that I am sure everybody loves. And today, we’re planning to help you get better at it by sharing some Rise of Kingdoms cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

Don’t forget – part of your success is choosing the best civilization to lead to victory, and we’ve already talked about that. But there’s a lot more work than simply choosing the best nation – and we’re going to cover all that in today’s article.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out our complete strategy guide, filled with Rise of Kingdoms tips and tricks below!

Join an active alliance

This is, in my opinion, the most important thing in the game. If you are part of an active, high quality alliance, then everything in the game will be a lot better for you. From progressing faster to getting help with your buildings and everything else – it will all just be there.

So don’t hesitate to invest some time into finding that perfect alliance with active members that are close together on the map. This is, as I already said, the most important part of the game which can really make a difference.

Focus on completing the missions

There are a ton of missions that you will be tasked to complete – from the regular campaign missions to the daily missions and special objectives.

My recommendation is to focus on completing the daily missions each day in order to unlock the chests with great rewards associated to them. Going through the regular campaign missions also ensures that you progress through the game at the recommended pace, but don’t bother with them too much. You will automatically complete them as you play the game – so just enjoy the rewards!

Level up all buildings before the HQ upgrade

My recommendations is to level up all the buildings in your empire to the maximum level before getting a new Headquarters upgrade, which allows you to build more buildings and level up the existing ones even further.

This is, in my opinion, the best approach as it keeps everything balanced and upgrade times in the same range.

Constantly train troops

The more troops you have trained, the better. So make sure that you are constantly doing this. Log in often to collect your trained troops and start a new batch, even if you don’t have time to do anything else.

But the golden rule of thumb is this: always work on increasing your troop numbers in order to get to the point where you’ll be able to safely send more than one general do some heavy battles for you.

And, of course, the more troops you have, the easier it is for you to defend against incoming attacks.

PvE is your best friend, especially early on

Barbarians, for instance, are a great and easy way to farm boosts and other goodies and they usually spawn right next to your location and do so constantly. Make sure to return the favor and constantly attack them – the highest level you can afford attacking without recording any substantial losses.

After dealing with the barbarians, you can safely send your armies to gather resources. This is where you can divide your army in two or more smaller armies in order to get a varied return of crops. But remember that these armies are exposed to potential enemy attacks – so only do this if you really need the resources.

But overall, attacking the environment items like the barbarians and farms is the best way to get resources without risking to upset anyone. Eventually, you will have to find nearby empires to farm and these will become more profitable in the long run – but until you get there, take advantage of the easy loot laying around.

Keep an eye on your items

As you play the game, you automatically collect tons of items – especially very early in the game. Make sure to constantly check them out as they will be useful eventually.

Don’t rush to use them, either: in most cases, all items that don’t turn into other items are better kept for using later on in the game: resource boosts, extra resources and even activating new units or XP for your generals… these will all become useful when you will actually lack the said resources or when you find that awesome general that you want to level up fast.

Get more than one amazing commander

Although you start with one general based on the nation you have chosen to be your starting one, very soon you will have a lot on your hands and it’s a good idea to work on leveling up more than just one since eventually you will need them.

Some commanders are better than others in different areas – while some focus more on attack, others are better used when defending your empire or when gathering resources. This is exactly the reason why you should try to level up more and have at least one for each occasion.

Don’t start doing this too early, though: you should still focus on getting your top general to the highest possible level, and only afterwards start sending others into battle or level them up using XP boosts from your inventory.

Skill up your commanders based on their powers

As I was saying above, the generals have different specializations (although they’re not highlighted in the game). Some give you boosts to gathering resources, other to defense and others are more suitable to attack.

Therefore, it’s important to assign skill points based on their existing powers, in order to make them experts in their field.

For example, when it comes to more offensive generals, you should invest in skills that further boost the attack of your units. Gatherers are better at receiving Action Points cost reduction (since they won’t really need other boosts), while the generals that you plan to use for defending your empire could obviously focus on defensive skills.

However, I believe that a good offense is better than a good defense – so I usually invest in attack boosts for both offensive and defensive generals and it doesn’t seem to be a big problem so far.

Research constantly

Another thing that you should constantly do is invest in research. This is, in my opinion, a bit more difficult to max out early on, so focus on the army upgrades because you need those early boosts, even though they seem small.

On the other hand, if you are active with your scouts, you will receive a lot of technology boosts from nearby villages that you find and I never received a boost in army-related researches. Another reason to focus on those yourself and get some extra boosts to your empire tech later or from villages.

Teleport within your alliance territory

Being part of an active, super-duper alliance means nothing if you’re not close to your colleagues in order to plan out attacks, receive troops and get a sense of security.

So after you’re sure that you have found the best alliance you can be a part of, teleport in the area and enjoy the added benefits!

Constantly explore with scouts

It’s a bit annoying and easy to forget about them, but scouts play an important role in the game, especially extremely early on when they will not only reveal the entire map around you, with all the goodies it hides, but also give you villages that are willing to help with technology, resources or troops.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to scout as much as possible in order to max out the rewards. Plus, there are some missions and events that focus on this and increase the rewards output even further!

These would be, for now, all our Rise of Kingdoms tips and tricks to help you get better at this game. If you have additional strategies to share with fellow player, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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Rise of Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build an Amazing Empire


    • Yes, the speed time boosts should be used early on – later on, the timers are really high anyway and the smaller time boosts make no difference.

    • It’s not very smart to use your speedups so early on in the game. The building time at the beginning is very little and can be done mostly with alliance help :)

    • Since the type of the unit can’t change the farming duration, i think Siege unit is good to farm cause they can carry much more than the other unit, to attack the other cities i think we need all type of the unit

    • The strength of troops rely most especially on the commander buff and skill, just make sure you go along with your best commander and highest level tiers of troop victory is assured.

    • this is also our problem… our woods were run out… and there are no woods in our territory to gather (if we gather resources in our territory, it can also add into alliance’s storehouse)… is there a way to transfer / donating resources into alliance’s storehouse..? we are stuck in this problem…

  1. I can’t use my teleport trough the other alliance gate. I would like to move the city near to my alliance but with not much success.
    Are there any possibilities, without attacking the gate?

  2. I was looking for something more in depth besides the obvious.
    I was hoping to learn more about actually playing. Like what is the point to expanding, or even attacking. You don’t get anything for attacking someone except dead troops that the Hospital won’t revive. Maybe its still early but no one is getting resources, and yes I know there’s the storehouse, but covers about half to a 1/3 typically at my level. (11), not all. So, the alliance wants to be on “alliance” deposits. Which are constant income if in your territory. you want to be close to relics to attack them.. Why else do you expand? How does the guild get gold. Is the middle of the map special? where should we put our guild territory? A big ally just told me being by the border is bad and wants me to move more central. Why? So many questions. also, you should mention that you can upgrade your troops. which I didn’t see at first. Is this something we should do? And can other alliances actually be killed? doesn’t seem like it. Seems like a pointless game. How do you even win? diplomats are the only ones doing anything.
    Think of all these less obvious things that people should to know.

  3. How many commanders can be active at any one time? I can only have two active out if my six? My city is level 8. How does one increase the active commander count?

    • You will only be able to send 2 armies at a time in the game, right now. However, once a commander gets to 3 stars, you can pair them up with an additional commander (only their skills will matter). So, basically, you will be able to use 4 commanders at any given time.

  4. Trying to expand alliance territory but there is not enough alliance resource (wood) available – the territory is producing 0%! How then can the alliance continue to expand its territory?!

    • Send your troops to attack it or to a nearby resource field, then when you are near enough, tap your Commander on the world map and then tap the tent icon. They will automatically stop where they are.

  5. I get several times in my screen ‘This function is currenly locked’ and sometimes I cant open my mails or alliance. It looks like an error or something but I can’t find anywhere where it comes from. I popped up since I created a second character in my account. Does anybody knows how I can fix this error?

  6. Hi man, I’m wondering about alliance fortress. The 2nd cost more than 1st and 3rd cost more then second. Does anyone tryed to demolish center fortress but leaving the secondary, to only later build it cheaper? does it work that way?

  7. How do I build a second fortress , my alliance fort is near the border still and many of us are in the midlands of the map and want a second fort here . Can we build another fortress in this sector ? I have seen other alliances build fortresses without being attached to the first one .. can we do this and how , we want to build on the other side of the pass but did not have the pass for long enough to build a fortress . Can we still have a fortress on both sides of pass if we have members on each side of the pass ? Can an alliance build a junior alliance next to their alliance in any sector if their alliance becomes full ?

    • You will need to hold the pass in order to be able to build a second fort in a different area. Regarding the second question, I don’t really know – but in theory, if you have members in an area, you should be allowed to start an alliance there.

  8. We have been forced to move to a new spot and start over. Please can you tell me is it possible to raise the leel of the resource pits and how? We only have a few level 3’s. Also how does one increase the number of the resource pits that are in our area. I have found little to no info on this topic on several guides.


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