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Rise of Kingdoms: Best Nation / Civilization in the Game

Rise of Kingdoms: Best Nation / Civilization in the Game

Are you planning to start your adventure in Rise of Kingdoms, the amazing strategy game created by Lilith Games, but you don’t know what’s the best civilization (or nation) to choose and make your own? We’re here to help by sharing our opinion on what’s the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms.

The game is absolutely beautiful and I am sure that all strategy game fans will fall in love with it as soon as they start playing. It mixes bits of classic strategy gaming with the modern approach of mobile strategy and some concepts from another of our favorite titles – DomiNations. The result is impressive.

You select one civilization to lead to victory and apparently you can’t change your decision. Even if in the future you will be allowed to change your civilization, it will probably cost a lot of premium currency, so it’s best to do it right from the beginning.

But what is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms? It’s difficult to know what the bonuses mean before starting the game – but you should worry not. We have played for you and made our decision – read on to find it out!

First, in our quest to deciding what nation to choose as your own, let’s check them all out below!


Main bonuses: Infantry defense increases 5%. Troops March Speed increases 5%. Food Gathering Speed increases 10%.
Starting commander: Scipio Africanus
Unique Unit: Legion
Opinion: Faster than others, this is a good civilization for those looking to attack a lot and be very active in the game. However, the speed bonuses are not that amazing in the long run.


Main bonuses: Cavalry attack increases 5%. Troops training speed increases 5%. Action Points recovery speed increases 10%.
Starting commander: Hermann
Unique Unit: Teutonic Knight
Opinion: Some really good bonuses, perfect for an active player. The Action Points recovery allows you to perform more tasks each day, while training troops faster helps you build a large army fast – combine that with increased cavalry attack and you have a nice overall bonus for a highly offensive nation.


Main bonuses: Archer attack increases 5%. Wood gathering speed increases 10%. Ally Garrison capacity increases 20%.
Starting commander: Boudica
Unique Unit: Longbowman
Opinion: The main advantage is that you can get a lot more allies to join your armies but unless you’re in a really good Alliance, that bonus can get close to zero. Wood gathering is useless, while the archer’s attack bonus is a good thing to have.


Main bonuses: Troop health increases 2%. Stone Gathering speed increases 10%. Hospital Healing speed increases 10%.
Starting commander: Joan of Arc
Unique Unit: Throwing axeman
Opinion: Slightly more useful in the later stages or ages, France gives you faster healing of your troops and therefore faster potential attacks. Stone Gathering is useless, though…


Main bonuses: Cavalry Defense increases 5%. Gold gathering speed increases 10%. Troops load increases 10%
Starting commander: Pelagius
Unique Unit: Conquistador
Opinion: This is a good nation for those looking to farm a lot, including gold. Although I believe that resource gathering boosts are useless, this civilization is actually good for the player with a farming strategy that wants to focus on growing, but not so much on attacking.


Main bonuses: Troops defense increases 2%. Resource Production increases 10%. Building speed increases 2%.
Starting commander: Sun Tzu
Unique Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu
Opinion: A good defensive civilization, China can grow a bit faster than others thanks to its increased resource production and building speed. However, these bonuses are easily shadowed by being active and you end up with only the small defense boost in the end. So not really the best deal.


Main bonuses: Troops attack increases 2%. Scout march speed increases 30%. Troop training capacity increases 5%.
Starting commander: Kusunoki Masashige
Unique Unit: Samurai
Opinion: Great for building a large army fast, Japan also sees an increase of 2% to all troops which really adds up especially in the later stages of the game. The scout’s march speed is pretty useless, unfortunately, but the other bonuses are really good.


Main bonuses: Archer Defense increase 5%. Hospital capacity increase 10%. Research speed increases 2%.
Starting commander: Eulji Mundeok
Unique Unit: Hwarang
Opinion: Not really the best trio of bonuses, but at least it becomes a bit more useful in the later stages where you might end up saving more of your troops than you would with other civilizations. But overall I consider these some of the worst bonuses in the game.

Now I know that everybody is tempted to choose their own nation as the one to lead to victory in the game, but when it comes to mobile strategy titles, that might not be the best option. And although all the civilizations are pretty good in my opinion and the choice wouldn’t completely turn around the fate of the game, it’s best to start with a strong civilization.

So… what’s the best nation to choose in Rise of Kingdoms?
Germany is the winner in my opinion. It’s a great nation for active players who can regenerate action points faster and therefore perform more actions in the world map. The troop training boost also ensures that you get your units ready for battle faster, therefore building your large armies faster. The cavalry attack bonus is not that useful in the long run, but it’s still better than many others.

So all in all, I think that Germany is a great choice for a powerful nation from the beginning of the game to the later, more advanced ages. And even though the unique unit only arrives in the end-game parts (probably all do?), it’s still worth going German in Rise of Kingdoms for mobile!

Second placed?
Another good nation to play with is Japan, in my opinion. Being able to train a lot more units at once and having a 2% attack bonus for all troops really adds up especially in the later stages of the game and despite the fact that the scout’s marching speed becomes useless eventually, it helps this nation progress faster and build a super solid army faster than most other civilizations, if not all. A really good choice as well!

What do you think though? What’s the best civilization in the game, in your opinion and why?

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Rise of Kingdoms: Best Nation / Civilization in the Game


  1. How can I switch to another continent with my base?
    From Continent “Egri-Gallaecia” – Kingdom of Castila to Continent “Egria – Hispaniae” – Kingdom of Valencia!!!

    • From what I have seen so far while playing, you don’t suffer death-losses against barbarians (NPCs), only against other players.
      However, there are two types of wounded-losses:
      1) Slightly Wounded – These are restored once your army returns to your city, so are, practically, inconsequential. (Probably affects combat since I suspect losses are constantly calculated throughout the battle.)
      2) Severely Wounded – These are the ones that need to be healed at hospitals (which you build in your city). I recall seeing a game tutorial notice saying that if you leave them untreated for too long, they’ll start dying off. Then again, your hospital capacity SHOULD, assuming you’ve been building and levelling accordingly, be way more than sufficient for a barbarian hunt or so. Just remember to get them treated ASAP I guess.

    • They can die if you attack another person. Decreasing your power permanently. Unlike when you attack barbs. You can gain the lost power through healing your troops.

    • You can get points by donating to alliance research, from the alliance menu. Simply tap “Allinace” – “Technology”, select a tech you want to donate to and start donating. However, in order to get over 10,000 points, you need to be very active and donate all over an entire day – plus some diamonds, maybe.

  2. In my opinion, you should get a better gaming experience with this game. Your recommendations are mostly connected to attacking strategy and nothing less. You can easily do all of your tasks with AP without playing with Germany.
    Choosing Japan for those 5% more troops to train is not that powerful.

    • You can add a single commander as a support to the one you’re sending into battle once the main commander (the one you select to lead your troops) reaches 3 stars. The advantage here is that they both get XP after winning the battle.

  3. What happens to other commanders if you change? (Staring Commander Will Not Be Affected ) I went China for production but now wanting to switch to Germany for ( action point and training speed ). Anyone done a switch yet?

  4. Anyone know what the role of Saintess actually is? Because I’m not sure, I feeling like it’s supplying everyone with resources.

    • You have to upgrade your City Hall to a specific level in order to be able to send three armies at a time in battle (might also need some research in the Academy, can’t remember that well).

    • This is a really good question! I believe that the rewards will be for the new commander, but I haven’t personally changed the civilization I started with so we’d need confirmation on it.

  5. Hello I have questions: if I change my nation this will not affect the commander but in some event when I got commanders sculpture I will take sculptures for the first commander ( previous nation ) or for the new nation commander??


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