Jungle Heat Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy

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Jungle Heat is an amazing iPhone game that challenges you to build up your own base, protect it from other players and train soldiers to rule them all. Some Jungle Heat cheats: a series of tips and tricks would probably be more than welcome here as there are a ton of things to do and consider when playing the game and putting them all in one place will surely give you the upper hand in the game and all battles. So let’s check out a complete list of Jungle Heat tips and tricks for a better strategy below and let’s hope that our base will be flawlessly defended.

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Jungle Heat Basic Tips & Tricks

– Try logging in often during your first few days in order to maximize the production of buildings and troop training. Pretty fast, upgrades will take close to 1 hour and the best way to get a flawless base is to keep upgrading. Therefore, being active several times per day is vital in the first few days (at least).
– The first thing you should focus on is building up your resource gathering towers and silos. Actually silos are extremely important in the game because they decide how much resource you can stack up as you will never be allowed to have more than your silos can hold.
– Second focus should be on building and upgrading your towers. They defend your base and help you keep everything running smoothly. We’ll talk about best tower placement below, so keep on reading!
– Use all the walls that you have in order to protect your base. Start at the most exposed point (usually called “the back” of your base) where you have minimum protection. Work your way to completely surround your base with walls, but have in mind that some tricks here could save you a lot of resources in PvP matches!
– Remember to send the minimum number of soldier required to win a battle. Every soldier that you send in is lost at the end of the battle, no matter if you win or lose it. So don’t waste soldiers because you waste resources. Still, make sure that you have enough and never send too few because that is an even worse waste!
– Don’t rush on spending diamonds to rush production! You might consider that you have a ton of them, but remember that upgrades will take longer and longer, so you need to stack up as many diamonds as posible.

Jungle Heat Troops Guide

– Upgrading the barracks gives you the option to train more troops. The higher the level of your barracks, the more troop types are available and the more you can have in your queue.
– If you want to increase the number of troops you can have, you must upgrade your rally point.
– Arguably the best troop early on is the Spy. The Spy is extremely cheap and targets resource buildings. And it’s resources that you need in order to upgrade your base, so usually sending a full army of spies is the best approach to battles. Because, even if all your troops die and you lose the battle, you still go home with all the resources that you have managed to loot. That’s why the spies should be your main troop training focus for a long time now: hit, grab as many resources as possible and use them to upgrade your base.
– If you are going for rating (but make sure you have a solidly defended base first!) then you will need better soldiers. The golden rule of thumb here is that the higher the level of the soldier, the better it is at causing destruction. Make sure that you check out the description of each soldier and build up your army accordingly. For example, several hornets are required because they target towers and have a high life bar. The gunner should be the first option here and sent first to draw fire thanks to its even better health. When you are going for rating (aka winning battles), you need all the firepower, so spies are not required.

Jungle Heat Attack and Defense Strategies

– As I said in the chapter about the troops in the game, you should focus early on on creating huge armies of spies. Scout players, find those with a ton of resources and attack them with spies. If their base is defended properly, you can use several spies in a random location to draw fire, then quickly deploy your other spies so that they can get the most out of the resource storage units. Your goal is not to win battles in multiplayer at this point, but gather as many resources as possible in order to upgrade your base.
– If you really want to win battles and increase your rating (but be warned that higher rating draws enemy players), then you should go for a Gunner/Hornet combination of troops to send into battle. My recommended setup is 3 parts Gunners, 1 part Hornets and divide them into two attacking units targeting defensive towers of the enemies. In this case, you want to take all the towers down first and then the troops will make their way through the resources. Have in mind that you might be at huge loss if you don’t manage to beat the towers so only go for this approach when you are sure you can make it.
– Always exploit the poor placement of buildings of your enemy bases. In the screenshot below, the green areas are places where I can deploy soldiers inside the base:

jungle heat poor base build

Make sure that you never leave such spots in your base and always have a compact base. If there are empty areas, your entire defense strategy can be compromised. So use walls if nothing else is available to fill up those spots or simply stay away from them!
– Contrary to popular belief, the Command Center is not really the most important thing in your base. Indeed, losing it in battle has you lose the battle, but resources are still more important here, so I would personally suggest putting those buildings in the middle. This way you can counter the strategy of people who send tons of spies in. If they have no resource building to attack, they will attack random buildings and will be easily taken out by your towers. In return, you will be attacked less and less often because a base that is difficult to crack and which causes many losses is a base that nobody wants to attack.
– So here is my suggestion at building your base: in the middle, create a perfect, compact area with your resource gatherers and silos and surround them by walls. Place all the available towers around them in the areas where there are no walls, but make sure that all corners are covered. Finally, place your barracks, rally points and command center outside this area. You will want troops to target barracks and worker huts and such first, while you take them out with the towers. The fewer resources you lose, the better so please consider this strategy – it’s the winning one!
– Alternately, if you can’t stack up all your resource silos in the middle (and probably you won’t be able to), make sure to place the oil silos in the best protected area and use “bait” like the oil rig or gold mine near some towers.

For now, these would be our Jungle Heat tips, tricks and strategy advice. If you have other tips or base building ideas, do let us know!

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Jungle Heat Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy

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