Top 7 Boom Beach Tips and Strategies for Advanced Players


We have already published a set of Boom Beach cheats and tips for beginners, but it’s time to go a bit more in depth and check out some more advanced strategies and tips for higher level players – but which can also be used by newer players.

So check out our Boom Beach tips for advanced players, see which one applies to you and have fun reaping the benefits!

1. The Boom Beach “Simulate Attack” cheat
If you want to see what the outcome of the battle would be without actually losing any of your troops, you can! Simply attack any base you want and as soon as the battle starts, swipe up the base of your iPhone or iPad and select the option to enter “Airplane Mode”.

You will lose connection and progress won’t be saved, but you can still attack the base. Send your troops, adapt your strategy and see how it goes. After the battle is over, simply quit the game, turn off the Airplane mode and restart it.

You can now attack knowing exactly what the outcome would be or wait to improve your troops!

2. Focus on getting the resource bases
Upgrade your Radar constantly to get to see as much of the map as possible, then focus on capturing and holding the resource bases (which give you wood or ore) to increase the number of these resources back home.

I personally never seem to have enough wood in Boom Beach and probably you’re in a similar situation, so this will really help!

3. Warriors can really help you win battles
As soon as you upgrade your Headquarters to level 7, you can start recruiting the powerful Warrior, an extremely useful unit that can really help you win the impossible battles. With a huge attack rating and the ability to win back hit points with each blow, he is extremely useful, but his low hp make him extremely vulnerable, so strategize well before using this unit.

Best idea would be to launch a Tank or two to draw fire, then launch the warriors. Use the Shock Boom as often as possible to freeze the defenses of the enemy and give the Warrior a chance to destroy them, and also use the Healing power-up as often as possible. With this strategy, you can easily take out any base!

4. “Hide” defenses behind trees
Whether we’re talking about your home base or the resource islands, your mortars and rocket launchers will perform a lot better if you place them behind trees.

This helps for two reasons: first, troops will find it more difficult to reach them and second, they will launch more attacks before being taken down.

5. Don’t rush to collect the resources from boats
These resources are safe from enemy attacks, so if you already have enough resources, don’t hurry to collect those too, and keep them as a “deposit” for when you really need some extra resources.

6. Don’t rush to attack mercenary bases
The mercenary islands are actually bases of other players playing the game. It might be wise not to attack them right away and wait until they start piling up resources (maybe for an upgrade).

Scout them constantly and see what they’re doing and only attack when their resources are at maximum levels, for maximum gains.

7. Don’t hold defensive buildings too close to each other
Having your defensive buildings too close to each other will make it a lot easier for Battleship attacks to take them down.

Keep the distance and make sure the attacking players will have to send a rocket for each for your defensive buildings and won’t damage more with one attack.

And this would be it for now. Make sure to stay tuned with us and connect with Touch Tap Play as more guides are coming soon for Boom Beach!

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Top 7 Boom Beach Tips and Strategies for Advanced Players


  1. A lot of this info is wrong . number 6 advises me to wait until another player on the map has stock piled resources before attacking them, but the available loot for a player is decided when they appear on the map, so you always gain the same amount whenever you attack them, if anything, attack them sooner, so they don’t have a chance to upgrade defences and make the loot not worth the loss of troops. Also, I don’t think the airplane mode cheat works, and if it does for you and not me, it is cheating, so don’t use it. Number 4 no longer works because trees become transparent when there is so,etching behind hem, for this very reason. For number 5, those boats have a limit to how much they hold, so waiting too long to unload them could result in lost resources

  2. What seems to work (and to me is completely obvious) is never to have any wood or ores stack up in your bank.
    This is an effective tactic for 2 reasons:
    1. You will never be attacked because your recources arn’t interesting for other players. Even if they attack the little amounts in your base will be protected by the vault.
    2. You have recources available at any moment you need them. This because of all the various level islands being captured, and also the stacks piling up on your mines and botes.

    Using this tactic you can update everything chained and if you focus on raising the woodcutter, houses, mines and most of all your mainbase you will grow the fastest without losing anything. (Except the non-exploited mines who have reached their limits) and while focussing on your mainbase you will get allot of 1-5 minute builds or upgrades so you dont really need to upgrade attack nor defence.

    • Isn’t it true that destroying enemy attackers rewards you with gems though?

      I think it’s more fun to do this:

      Build deceptively good defense. Make the weapon levels appear staggered.
      Taunt the enemy by putting storages at the front of the base, where it is barely guarded by front defenses.
      Stack up huge amounts of resources so that players will want to constantly attack you.

      And I’m not far enough for this, but I plan to only have ice statues and hide them behind trees.

      If it’s true that destroying attackers gives you gems, this is pretty fun as long as you don’t overestimate yourself, and it allows for storing huge amounts of resources


  3. Ok your all some weak amateurs that are confused. You don’t get gems from attacks. Home base defense yes.
    It doesn’t make sense to attack to get more loot because the sooner you clean attacks off your base the faster new attacks will pop up to get more loot. Constantly cleaning up attacks can result in almost 35 daily attacks.
    Supercell fixed airplane mode a while ago.
    Upgrade weapons lab to lvl 5 to get a big defense boost.
    But you still get players who can take out max bases w statue boost so your gonna get attacked and lose loot so upgrade you vault

  4. Worst article ever. at least half the info is off.
    1. Or learn to see which base you can take on and which you can’t.
    2. Duh.
    3. I’ve never seen people launch tanks before warriors. It’s retarded.
    4. You can’t hide stuff behind trees. Wrong.
    5. Duh.
    6. Amount of resources gained from opponent is determined at start, never changes. Wrong.
    7. Duh. Advanced players?

    • Joop, this article was written more than a year ago, when things were a bit different than today’s game. And regarding #4, you could hide stuff behind trees and the opponents had to go around the trees to get to your buildings.

  5. Non defense structures can actually be completely hidden behind two tree types as long as there are no landmines or boom mines as well as no attacking towers there … The slight advantage would he to hide a few buildings so enemy doesn’t get easy GBE and less damage done to HQ a secondary bonus

  6. Also statues can be somewhat used to funnel troops into landmines and boom mines since they cover tiles you can somewhat use them to sort of guid enemy into your bases mines …I do it

  7. All you new players. The best personal experience advice I can give, as its what I myself did. Don’t worry about keeping and holding resource bases just explore the map and hold what you can then when you’re at the end of HQ 15 or around lvl 38+ or so what ever it is just collect loot for a little over a week and let people attack you for it and drop victory points once you drop a decent number of VP then refresh all resource bases you don’t yet control by doing this majority of your new enemy resource bases will be low if by this time you have enough power stones to make a defensive base damage or base hp masterpiece statue do so the boost it gives to resource bases at high levels is insane I did all this and have every resource base held from like lvl 38-41 still going strong… I also got lucky with a 37% MP for defensive base damage

  8. May I also highly recommend double dosing of amphetamine (Adderall and vyvanse) when designing a base nothing prepares a defense better than a paranoid tweaker lol …… -this rant brought to you by vyvanse ” because America doesn’t run on dunkin “

  9. yeah, essentially all of this information is useless. I don’t want to be one of this mean people who post just be be a d**k, but I question if the person who wrote this has even played the game before. The first tip is maybe the worst of them all. You don’t have to put your device in airplane mood, just go back to the homescreen and the computer will simulate the rest, which they are usually terrible at. Plus it’s not really a cheat if your still have to pay to replace all of your troops.

    • This article was written a long time ago, when the game was launched. The airplane mode was the only way it worked back then and you would not lose your troops.

  10. I respect no one who uses a mod and cheats..

    Play the game or do not play the game, but cheaters and mods should be hung by the neck until dead. Disgusts me how many people justify this behavior

  11. Look all this non- sense play the game , upgrades are there for a reason. So yes upgrade as you go. This a game of a strategy what fun is there in cheating ? This is not rocket science upgrade your vault. You need to store wood stone and steal. I suggest saving diamonds for hard to reach upgrades with HQ, Gun Boat and armory I have not heard anyone mention submarine this is a great way to compile a large amount of resources every day . I think I enjoy the game using common sense . I take my enemies one Island at a time growing my masses as I go. There are no valuable cheats that I have seen. The only one being cheated is yourself. If you want to cheat there is a much bigger thrill playing in traffic play chicken with on coming trains I promise it’s a bigger rush. As far as games go I have played a few this is one of the better games worth playing if you spent half the time tending to your base then talking sh.t I am sure you will some days and loose other days. Have a Happy New Year waiting for the volcano to erupt .

  12. Good gosh. Use xmod with rooted phone. I’m lvl 41 after only 8 months or less. My bro is lvl 33 after only 3 months. Geez. The game isn’t even hard. Lots of easy bases and lots of hard ones… doesn’t matter…. just upgrade and tada!

  13. Ps. Xmod isn’t really a cheat, I just allows for attack simulation for practice. Will allow you to see what every submarine dive gives you also
    I swear that this does work, no lies. I just requires a rooted android phone.

  14. Just one advice for those who are getting constantly attacked by high level players
    Stop attacking mercenaries’ bases and focus on NPCs only, you will get lesser raids on your base


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