DomiNations Guide to Nations: What Nation to Choose?

An extremely interesting gameplay mechanic in DomiNations is that it will eventually allow you to choose a nation to represent in the game. However, it might be pretty difficult to decide, so we’re here to share with you this guide on the Dominations Nations and hopefully help you choose the best nation in the game (after sharing with you some tips and tricks).

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It’s worth mentioning that there is no general “beats them all” type of nation in the game and you should pick up your nation based on your play style. So if you don’t plan to do a lot of attacking, there’s little sense to choose the British, for example.

But let’s check out the Pros and Cons of each nation in our guide to the DomiNations Nations below!

The British

Nation’s power: More Loot (you get more loot from your enemies)
Nation’s unique unit: Longbowman (has a wider attack range)

– Good against bases with defenders and Garrisons
– Good for active players who like to battle other players a lot

– Not good on defense as you get no bonuses in this category
– Not good for players who can’t keep up with attacking.

The Chinese

Nation’s Power: Extra Citizen and Defenders (you get one extra citizen / defender in the Town Center every time you evolve to a new Age).
Nation’s Unique Unit: Chu Ko Nu (faster attack rate)

– This is a balanced nation in all areas, best suited for the regular player who wants a bit of everything
– The extra citizens give you the chance to upgrade your base and collect things faster, while the extra defenders give you the edge in defense

– It’s balance at everything might be a con since it doesn’t excel in any category.

The French

Nation’s Power: Quickened Army Training -(train troops faster)
Nation’s unique Unit: Chevalier (a “Tank” type of unit with a lot of health)

– Fastest troop training in the game, allowing for quick successive attacks
– The unique unit can give you a real advantage in battle thanks to its great health

– It has no extra defensive or economic bonuses

The Germans

Nation’s Power: Quicker Rally (Lower Rally timer in battle)
Nation’s unique Unit: Vandal (deals more damage per hit)

– The faster Rally timer gives you an extra edge when it comes to strategy in the battles
– You can unlock the Rally speed bonus, which allows your troops to move faster on the map.

– It has no defensive or economic bonuses
– The Rally option is not vital in the game and you can still do well with the regular options.

The Greeks

Nation’s Power: Excels at Architecture (you need less time and resources to build and upgrade your base)
Nation’s unique Unit: Companion (slightly more health and damage than regular troops)

– you can build up your base faster and with less resources
– the Companion is probably the second best troop in the game after the Chevalier

– You have no defensive bonuses
– You will pile up tons of resources and you’ll probably be attacked more often
– Upgrading and building faster doesn’t really give you a massive advantage in the game – are you in a hurry?

The Japanese

Nation’s Power: Mighty Defenses (Longer Peace treaties and the Town Center boasts defense abilities)
Nation’s unique Unit: Bushi (a troop that deals more damage)

– Good for defending your base and keeping it safe
– Good all around-nation, probably one of the best in the game.

– You need to attack constantly to build up your civilization (and attacking removes the effects of a Peace treaty)

The Romans

Nation’s Power: Massive Armies (you can recruit more troops)
Nation’s unique Unit: Legion (a troop with more health)

– The large armies that you can send, combined with the Legion troops, make this civilization a danger when attacking
– You will have the largest armies in the game

– No defensive or economic bonuses
– You will need more resources than the other players to actually be able to sustain your larger armies.

So these would be the details on the civilizations you can choose from in the game. I would personally say that Japan is the best civ available, while The Germans are the weakest link.

But as I said earlier, it all depends on your type of play, so if you are planning to attack a lot, then The British or The Romans might be the better choice for you.

What is the nation you consider the best in DomiNations?

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DomiNations Guide to Nations: What Nation to Choose?

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