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Best Deck for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Best Deck for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
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One of the most entertaining aspects of playing a card game like Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is collecting different kinds of cards and experimenting with various decks. The game offers you the chance to build and save three decks by default, and you can unlock a fourth slot for 1,000 gold coins. You can mark each deck as Solo Duel, Duo Duel, Forbidden Forest, and Classroom.

Different playing modes have you utilize different skills and strategies, and that’s why experimenting and switching between decks is quite important. If you’re struggling with building a good deck that can see you through almost any duel with other players, this guide to the best deck for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened could come in handy. Let’s dive in!

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The best deck for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Of course, building the best deck for any mode in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened depends on many factors—your luck in the gacha system for pulling new cards, the level of cards you want to use, the Echoes you obtain, and your preferred playing style. Therefore, the best deck for you might be a little bit different from what we’re presenting in this article.

Best PvP deck in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
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Still, in this guide, we’re sharing a deck that has gotten us through numerous duels so far. It should at least give you an idea about what your strategy could look like if you want to win more magical fights:

  • Thunderstorm (Level 9): a Legendary card that summons a Thunderbird, which doesn’t deal a whole lot of damage but works great with its Heal Reduction power to prevent your enemy from recovering;
  • Incendio (Level 7): an Epic card with a Total Damage of 148;
  • Ventus (Level 7): another Epic card that is great for Control, but its Total Damage stats of 170 are not to be discarded either;
  • Acromantula Venom (Level 4): even though this is a Common spell, it has a great combination of Damage and Control, as it slows down the enemy and increases damage by 10% each second;
  • Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs (Level 6): with a Total Damage of 462, this fiery dragon is a real powerhouse in duels and can easily give you the upper hand against many opponents;
  • Glacius Maxima (Level 6): another Epic card with solid damage powers, especially if you can get the enemy and its summons in a straight line;
  • Oppugno (Level 4): this card is proof that you can build a solid deck even with Common cards, since those canaries can strike fast and mightily if you get close to your opponent;
  • Piertotum Locomotor (Level 11): this Legendary card is perfect for your front-row defense, with two stone soldiers that taunt the enemy and reduce damage taken by 99%.

We haven’t found ourselves in the position to require the use of healing spells often, but if you encounter more challenging adversaries and get to pull the Phoenix card, make sure to equip it.

When it comes to companions, our choices are:

  • Frey Twins for their Health and Damage;
  • Cassandra Vole for her damaging thundercloud;
  • Ron Weasley for its amazing ability to turn enemy units into chess pieces.

As for the preferred Echo, the two options that have positioned themselves as the most useful so far are Dobby and Hermione Granger—Dobby for his Movement Cards and excellent evasion skills via Apparition, and Hermione for her MP Cost reduction when using Spell Cards. Both Echoes are fairly easy to obtain in the Forbidden Forest. Just make sure to upgrade them as much as you can as you go.

Let us know your favorite cards when dueling other players. In the meantime, you can explore the rest of our dedicated Harry Potter: Magic Awakened section if you need additional assistance.

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Best Deck for PvP in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened