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Is There Romance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

Is There Romance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?
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With every new game that touches on the rich and magical world of Harry Potter, there is always a question of whether there will be romance. Many fans considered the lack of romantic interests and plot points in Hogwarts Legacy a letdown, but Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery started including side quests and activities that allow players to date several NPCs.

Ever since Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a card RPG title for mobile devices, was announced, this question has sparked interest across several fan forums. In this article, we explore everything we know about romance options in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened now that the game is finally available worldwide.

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Are There Any Romance Options in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened?

To cut to the chase—I haven’t encountered any romance options in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened so far. Moreover, there is no official information from the developers about including romance later on, which can go both ways. They might decide to start adding activities or quests that would allow you to romance an NPC companion of your choice or ignore this aspect completely.

Many fans have already expressed interest in exploring romance options with NPCs that gained popularity even before the game was released officially worldwide—Cassandra Vole being one of the most common names appearing in various Reddit threads. However, if romance becomes available, it will most certainly be an option later in the game—in or after year four. This would be due to the fact that the character you play and the NPCs from the same year are supposed to be only 11 when starting the game.

Dance Club in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
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For now, the closest aspect to romance in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is the Dance Club. This is where you can invite different NPCs and other players alike to do timed tap-based mini-games and increase your dancing skills in different genres. The atmosphere in the Dance Club is quite romantic, and as someone who enjoys music and dancing, I found myself enjoying these in-game activities a lot. However, for more serious dating options in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the fans will have to remain patient and hoping for the time being.

That’s all we currently know about romance options in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. If you need more help with another part of the game, check out more of our guides in the dedicated Harry Potter: Magic Awakened section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Is There Romance in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?