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How to Change Your Wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Change Your Wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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Every witch and wizard shares a special connection with their wand, so it’s no surprise that you might be interested in customizing yours if you’re playing Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. After all, a wand is an extension of your magical prowess and represents your character traits and skills.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened offers decent character customization options when it comes to faces, hair, makeup, and accessories, but things are a little bit different and not so straightforward when it comes to customizing your wand. If you’re not super happy about the wand you got when visiting Ollivander’s shop at the beginning of the game, this guide will show you how to change your wand in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

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Can You Change Your Wand in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened?

Wand in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
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Well, technically, you cannot change the wand you get at the beginning of the game. As you’re ticking off the tasks in Diagon Alley as you prepare to start your first year at Hogwarts, you will end up at the Ollivander’s Wand Shop at one point.

There, you will be able to try two randomized wands. Using the first one proves it’s not the right fit for you, but then you get assigned whatever the second wand option that shows up is. You will see the breakdown of the main four characteristics of each wand on your screen—Wood, Core, Length, and Flexibility—but you won’t be able to adjust anything to your preferences.

However, not all is lost, young witch or wizard! If you don’t like the wand you got randomly assigned in the tutorial stage, you can adjust its appearance later on.

How to Change Your Wand in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

How to change your wand in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
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To change what your wand looks like in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, you will need to use your Knapsack. Once you open it, tap on Info and then on the little i in a circle next to Exploration Attributes in the lower right corner of the book. Next, you will want to hit the Wand Skin icon. Select the wand skin you want to use and hit Equip to finish the process.

You can unlock different wand skins by participating in time-limited events, using the Mystery Wheel, buying different packs, or visiting the Ollivander’s shop again. Still, just for the record, you should know that your wand won’t change its core properties if you decide to change its look—if you got Unicorn Tail Hair as the core of your wand, you’ll have to rely on that unicorn hair as long as you’re playing the game.

Have fun unlocking all the skins and customizing the look of your wand! And for more assistance with this magical game, check out our other guides in the dedicated Harry Potter: Magic Awakened section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Change Your Wand in Harry Potter Magic Awakened