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Best Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Check out our guide to find out which are the best Legendary Cards to choose for Harry Potter Magic Awakened

With so many cards to collect and chose from it is good to know which are the rarest, which are most powerful, and which are the most useful in certain situations. The rarities range from Common to Legendary and of course we all want to get our hands on the Legendary cards for our decks! Let’s explore which are the best Legendary decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

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Which Legendary cards to choose in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

The best Legendary charm cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened are determined by their power and effectiveness. Each costs Magic Points (MP) to use so use them wisely and they will help defeat the enemy in no time! Of course this judgement is based on a mix of opinion and experience of gameplay, and as the game progresses and gets update over time this may change. For now the best Legendary cards we enjoy using are:

  • Baby Antipodean Opaleye – This fire-breathing dragon is used an aerial attack. The cute but deadly creature breathes fire in an area of effect type attack, damaging all enemies in that space. A great card to choose for land-based enemies with no way to counter an aerial assault. Costs: 6 MP.
  • Thunderstorm – A Thunderbird is summoned which casts fifteen random bolts of lightning at the enemies below. The damage also increases by 10% for every enemy defeated by the strikes. A mighty powerful bird to have on your side. Costs: 6 MP.
  • Phoenix – This gorgeous bird with fire-red feathers can help by healing all units in your team. This altruism is at a cost however and the health of the bird will deplete as the units are healed. Respawn the Phoenix (available 3 times) with a tap on its ashes and it will reappear with slightly lower HP each time. Costs: 7 MP.
  • Orb of Water – The Orb of Water draws in all enemies within range and deals damage over time before exploding and dealing a massive amount of damage. It stuns non-wizard enemies and restricts movement, helping team mates cast charms to deal more damage. Costs: 6 MP.
  • Fiendfyre – This fiery guy shoots flames at enemies to deal damage. It increases in size and increases the attack as each enemy is defeated. Fiendfyre attacks three enemies at once when they have eliminated twelve units! Costs: 7 MP.
  • Protego Diabolica – A ring of fire deals damage all around the one who casts it. Units within the ring charge it, and the more units there are, the more charged it will be (up to three charges). This then spawns a Fire Dragon who speeds towards the opponent unit, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Costs: 5 MP.

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The other Legendary cards are:

  • Norwegian Ridgeback Egg
  • Piertotum Locomotor
  • Kelpie
  • Golden Snitch

Whichever you choose for your deck, be sure that most of the Legendary cards will serve you well but you must have a good range of attacks and healing charms to succeed in a Harry Potter Magic Awakened battle!

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Best Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened