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How to Upgrade Echoes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Upgrade Echoes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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In Harry Potter Magic Awakened magical battles can get tough without a bit of help from the right combination of charms and companions. For more of a boost there are also Echoes to assign to your deck and these come in the form of some classic Harry Potter characters like Snape, Hermione, and Dobby. An Echo can give you health benefits, attack bonuses, and card level bonuses as well as bringing a unique ability. By now you probably have a few Echoes assigned to your decks and are wondering how to level them up so let’s explore that now.

Upgrading Echoes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Access your Echoes by tapping Charms and then tapping on the Echo you have assigned. This will take you to a new screen of all the Echoes you have and information on how each one works. If you tap on the guide icon beside your Echo’s info you can see the Details and Guide to how to best utilize the Echo. To boost the effects of the Echo they can be upgraded using Echo Crystals and Gold.

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Tap the arrow beside your Echo to go to the Upgrade screen. You can change the number of levels you are upgrading to but it is usually set to max. It costs a little Gold and Echo Crystals to purchase the upgrade. Tap the upgrade arrow to use the resources selected and your Echo will show you the

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Upgrading Echoes increases Health and Attack bonuses, plus unlocks more Bonus Card slots. The maximum level you can get your Echo to is determined by the rarity – the higher the rarity, the higher the max. level. Additional card bonuses are unlocked as the Echoes are upgraded and, again, the levels and available extra cards depend on the rarity of the Echo. Epic rarity (and higher) Echoes increase spell levels up two points. Make sure you read the information while playing Harry Potter Magic Awakened about each Echo before choosing them for your deck as each offer slightly different bonuses.

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How to Upgrade Echoes in Harry Potter Magic Awakened