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How to Get Gold and Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Get Gold and Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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There are a few ways to unlock more charm and companion cards for your deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened including using Keys. There are three different types of keys available: Silver, Gold, and Ruby with Ruby Keys being the most highly sought after Key in the game due to the high likelihood of drawing a Legendary or Mythic card. Let’s explore below how to get Gold and Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Where to get more Gold and Ruby Keys

Keys are earned as rewards for completing challenges, daily tasks and finishing chapters. Silver Keys are the easiest to get and they are used for Basic Study, drawing 2 cards of Epic rarity and lower.

Gold Keys can be earned by completing challenges and Daily Tasks and are used to unlock Advanced Study, drawing multiple random cards of Mythic or Dark rarity or lower The fewer cards that are drawn, the higher rarity they will be. These guarantee a Mythic, Dark, or Legendary card at draw number 20!

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Ruby Keys are even better than Gold as they give you an even higher chance to drawn Mythic or Dark cards such as the Ron Weasley companion or the Avada Kedavra spell. They also offer more chances to draw Legendary spells and companions such as Orb of Water or Hermione Granger. Ruby Keys can be earned through Events or purchased using Gems.

If you draw cards you already have you can use them to upgrade that card, making it more powerful in future battles! Find the Keys and Events by tapping the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Shop icon or while in your Charms screen by tapping Get Cards. Don’t forget to check your daily tasks and the Events page for more chances to gain Keys!

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How to Get Gold and Ruby Keys in Harry Potter Magic Awakened