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All Critter List Locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Check out our guide to find out how to find each of the critter lists in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and help Kerropi!

One of the first quests you are tasked with when the gates are powered is from Keroppi who needs some help opening up a nature preserve. The critter-loving guy desperately wants to collect and nurture critters from all over the island but needs you to help him open the new building, and catch all the critters to study inside. Let’s find out where each of the Critter Lists can be found in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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How to Find Every Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

The first thing you need to do to start the Critter List quest is to help Keroppi and Badtz-Maru to open the Nature Preserve. You will also need to be level 2 friendship with Keroppi before you can begin. Inside are five rooms but they are all empty of critters, and four are closed. There is a plaque on the floor in front of each room: these are the Critter Lists you need to find.

The first Critter list you need to find is the Seaside Critter List. This list is inside the Bog Room. Head to the trees at the back and find the list in amongst some tree roots.

The second list is the Reef Critter List. This list is found inside the Seaside Room, sitting atop a floating crate to the left of the room. You will need to be able to swim to get to it so make sure you have the Flippers.

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The next list is the Gemstone Critter List. This one is found at the bottom of the water in the Reef Room. To get to it you will need the Snorkel, and to reach friendship level 6 with Kuromi and complete the Deep Diving quest.

The Volcano Critter List can be found behind a large boulder in the Gemstone Room. This is the trickiest one to get to as you will need to first get to level 11 friendship with My Melody and complete the Clearing the Oasis quest. This unlocks the plans to get the Pickaxe needed to break open the boulder. Gather the materials needed to craft the Pickaxe and once it is made take it to the Gemstone Room. Approach the boulder and then tap the Pickaxe icon to open the boulder and find the final list!

Now the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Critter Lists are set in place you can keep an eye on which critters you have collected!

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All Critter List Locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure