All Archons in Genshin Impact – Full List


Genshin Impact is one of the most popular and successful projects in the modern game industry, and it has a huge list of different characters you can play. Today we are going to talk about the gods of Teyvat. The game’s world is divided into a few regions and each of them has its own Archon. These characters are some kind of gods and you may want to learn more information about them. So, this guide will provide you with a full list of Archons in Genshin Impact.

Who Are Archons in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that allows you to visit a few countries. Each of them has its own god known as Archon. These creatures possess powers of elements and today we will tell you about them.

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Anemo Archon in Genshin Impact

Anemo Archon is the god of wind and his name is Barbatos. However, in the game, he is known as Venti. This hero is the first Archon that you meet in this game and he represents everything related to freedom. Even though he is the god of Mondstadt, he prefers to leave his people free and doesn’t control them. Here you can read our guide on the best Venti DPS build in Genshin Impact.

Geo Archon in Genshin Impact

Geo Archon is the god of stone and contracts. His name is Morax but most players know him as Zhongli. He is the ruler of Liyue and one of the best support characters in this game. Also, he is the oldest Archon and you could read our article that will tell you how old is Zhongli.

Electro Archon in Genshin Impact

Electro Archon is the goddess of lightning and eternity. Also, she is known as the almighty Raiden Shogun and the ruler of Inazuma. Her name is Beelzebul but Traveler and Paimon call her Ei. Here you can read our guide on the best build for Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact.

Dendro Archon in Genshin Impact

Dendro Archon is named Nahida and she is the goddess of flowers and wisdom. She is the ruler of Sumeru and the youngest Archon in the game. If you want to learn how to play her you can read our guide on the best build for Nahida in Genshin Impact.

Other Archons in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a lot of Archons but currently, only 4 of them are playable. The other gods are mentioned in the game’s lore and some of them will be released in future updates. Here is the list of other Archons in Genshin Impact:

  • Baal (Makoto) – The second Electro Archon, twin sister of Ei, and former ruler of Inazuma. She passed away a long time ago but is mentioned in some quests.
  • Tsaritsa – Cryo Archon and the ruler of Snezhnaya. Her servants from the organization called Fatui are one of the major antagonists in this game. However, the Archon herself is not revealed yet.
  • Focalors – Hydro Archon and the ruler of Fontaine.
  • Murata – Pyro Archon and the ruler of Natlan.

There are lots of different characters that you can encounter in this game and we will be glad if this guide helps you to learn more information about Archons. Good luck with your further journey in the world of Genshin Impact!

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All Archons in Genshin Impact – Full List


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