The popularity and commercial success of gacha games like Genshin Impact, Fate/Grand Order, Alchemy Stars, and many others have reached sky-high. Whether you are a whale or a free-to-play player, for many, performing gacha pulls on different banners – collecting characters, weapons and other items is more fun than actually playing the game. Whatever is the case, one thing about which most gacha game lovers like to know is the gacha rates for the game.

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Alchemy Stars gacha rates help players to get an overview of their gacha pulls. For different rarity characters, we have different gacha rates. And, depending on that, players can know what are their chances of getting that particular character. This is further narrowed down if you have an idea of the pitty and chances of having the max rarity character.

In this article, we will talk about Alchemy Stars gacha rate, pity and how does it work. So, without any further ado, let us delve deeper into these topics.

What Are the Gacha Rates in Alchemy Stars

Best Thunder Attribute characters in Alchemy Stars

As we mentioned earlier, the gacha rates depend on the rarity of the Aurorian. We also have limited-time recruitment banners that have a 50% chance to reward featured six-star Aurorians.

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Whether you recruit using standard or featured banners, the basic gacha rates are the same for both. In the wake of that, here are the current gacha rates in Alchemy Stars that you should know about.

  • 6-Star Aurorians – 2% chance
  • 5-Star Aurorians – 9.5% chance
  • 4-Star Aurorians – 33% chance
  • 3-Star Aurorians – 55.5% chance

What Are the Chances of Getting a 6 Star Recruit in Alchemy Stars

Before 50 pulls the chances of getting a six-star Aurorian is 2%. If a player doesn’t get a six-star Aurorian in 50 pulls, then the chance% goes up by 2.5% per failed attempt. But, as soon as you get a six-star Aurorian. The chances of getting a six-star Aurorian will go back to its base value, and that is 2%.

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The Pity that players get after 50 pulls is separate for Time-Limited and Mainstay Recruitment banners. Also, for the time-limited banner, pity does carry over.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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