Bethlehem is a six-star water attribute Aurorian in Alchemy Stars who is also the Queen of North. She is one of the strongest water attribute Aurorians with the ability to convert grids/tiles into blue color, which helps a lot in creating big chain combos to deal massive damage.

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That’s is not all, Bethlehem also applies certain buffs to the team which increases their ATK DMG. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Attribute, Rarity, Stats and Basic Details

The first thing you should know about Bethlehem is her stats, attribute, rarity, and brief background detail.

  • HP – 6056
  • Defense – 736
  • Attack – 2294
  • Attribute – Water
  • Rarity – Six Stars

Bethlehem is the Queen of Northland. She has ruled the land with her years of wisdom and experience. According to her character description, she is someone who can handle anything calmly without hesitation.

Bethlehem Active and Passive Skills

Here are Bethlehem’s active and passive skills. We will add chain combos and work skills as soon we have information on them.

  • Active Skill (3 Rounds CD)– Tile Converter + Buff: Converts any 5 selected grids to Blue.
  • Passive Skill – Whenever a Chain Combo deals damage, Bethlehem gains a Shield equivalent to 10% Max HP for 1 round. If the Shield remains after the enemy’s turn, Water Aurorians’ ATK is increased by 5% in the next round.

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Bethlehem Ascension Materials

Ascending Bethlehem or any other characters helps players to unlock new skills or enhance existing ones. At current, we have little to no information on Bethlehem’s ascension materials. We will update this section when we have the full list of ascension materials required to ascend Bethlehem to higher levels.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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