Albion Online Personal Island Guide

personal island albion online guide

In the free and dangerous world of Albion Online, many solo players want a place where they will not be threatened by other players and can do something creative. Such an opportunity can be provided by a personal island. You can do everything on your island to become self-sufficient, but get ready to invest in it. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about a personal island in Albion Online.

How to Buy an Island in Albion Online

The island is a separate location that can only be visited by those whom you yourself invite. For example, these can be the members of your guild. You can buy it in one of the five cities on the lower continent. After purchase, it will be attached to the city where you purchased it. To buy, find the sea anchor icon on the map.

You can teleport from an attached city for free. But moving from another city will cost money. Keep in mind that the number of things in your inventory affects the price. However, if you clear your inventory and equipment, the transition will be free from any city.

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Why Is Personal Island Needed in Albion Online?

As a rule, the island attracts players primarily by the opportunity to grow vegetables, herbs for potions, and also raise livestock. It takes a little time, but the profit from the sale of grown products is not so high due to the high competition (you will get safe and small earnings).

In addition to farms, you can build a house on the island that will allow you to use the chest. It is also possible to populate it with workers that increase the extraction of resources and silver.

In slots for buildings, you can place analogs of buildings that are in each city. They include places for resource processing, stables, craft armor tables, etc. But unlike city tables, you will not be returned some of the resources. But it will be free.

In general, the island in Albion Online is a good opportunity to provide yourself with some things and save some money. But the profit will not be as big as we would like. While you are here, read our guide on the best DPS builds in Albion Online.

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Albion Online Personal Island Guide


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