The Legend Of Zelda

Following the release of Breath of the Wild, it’s been confirmed by director Eiji Aonuma that a new entry in The Legend Of Zelda series was in development. Little to nothing is currently known about this game, but it seems like the Xenoblade series developer is going to work on it.

On its official Twitter profile, the developer revealed that it’s looking for staff to develop a new game in The Legend Of Zelda series. The developer is currently looking for technical artists, programmers, planners, designers, and management support.

This isn’t the first time Monolith Soft helps develop a new entry in the series. The team worked on both Breath of the Wild and Skyward Sword, contributing in making both games feel more epic thanks to their gorgeous landscapes.

The next entry in The Legend Of Zelda to be released on Nintendo Switch is The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, a remake of the GameBoy game released a while back. The game will stay true to the original release while adding some new features that have to be detailed in full.


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