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Will Sons of the Forest be Coming to Consoles? Answered

Will Sons of the Forest be Coming to Consoles? Answered

Sons of the Forest is one of the most popular video games of the first quarter of 2023. Even though the game was released in the same period as Hogwarts Legacy, it gained significant popularity. In this guide, you will discover whether Sons of the Forest will come to consoles.

Why Did Sons of the Forest Not Come To Console?

Sons of the Forest is available only on Steam at the moment of writing. Even though rumors said that the game would come to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the game was released as a PC Exclusive.

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One of the main reasons for it is the development capabilities. Endnight Games rescheduled Sons of the Forest two times, and they significantly lacked time to develop the game. The developer’s team focused all their powers on the PC game’s version, and that’s why console release was not in their plans.

Will Sons of the Forest Come to Console?

We don’t know if Sons of the Forest will get a console release. During one of the interviews, developers expressed the desire to work on the console’s version of the game. Still, they complain that all their resources are involved in developing the PC game’s version.

Nowadays, we can say that Sons of the Forest will be released on consoles, but without a specific release date. Its precedeetor, The Forest, got its official console release only four years after the official game’s release on PC. So, you must wait at least two years for the official Sons of the Forest console release.

That’s it with the Sons of the Forest release on consoles. Even though the game is not scheduled for consoles, we are confident that the game will come to the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch in the upcoming few years. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to make arrows in Sons of the Forest.

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Will Sons of the Forest be Coming to Consoles? Answered


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