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How to Do Speed Glitch in Sons of the Forest

How to Do Speed Glitch in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to the famous survival game about cannibals, mutants, and a huge forest. There, you will need to explore a big world filled with lots of different locations. The speed glitch is incredibly helpful in your journey. Today, we will tell you what you need to know to do the speed glitch in Sons of the Forest.

What Is the Speed Glitch in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest has a huge world filled with forests, mountains, and rivers. Taveling across all of these areas takes some time, and there is a really helpful glitch to make the process easier. Basically, the game’s glitch allows you to jump off a cliff and slide down to any location. However, the glitch requires you to use some elements of your inventory. Keep reading to learn how this works.

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How to Do the Speed Glitch in Sons of the Forest

In order to do the speed glitch in Sons of the Forest, you will need to jump off any cliff and open your inventory. It is reported that the glitch works when you open the manual. You will need to make sure that your character holds it with the right hand.

If you open this manual, then your character will become immune to fall damage. This lets you slide down the highest mountain without receiving any damage, as long as you keep your manual opened. This makes your character extremely fast, and with the help of this glitch, you will be able to get anywhere within a minute. Keep in mind that this bug could get patched out in the future, however.

Sons of the Forest is an amazing project, and Touch Tap Play offers plenty of information about the game. Case in point, check our guide on how to make Arrows. Good luck with your further exploration of this dangerous world!

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How to Do Speed Glitch in Sons of the Forest


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