How to Make Arrows in Sons of the Forest


Sons of the Forest is a survival game and there you will need to protect yourself from various cannibals and mutants. One of the best weapons is the bow and today we are going to talk about it. This guide will tell you how to make Arrows in Sons of the Forest.

How to Make Arrows in Sons of the Forest

The bow is one of the most effective weapons in this game and it is easy to craft. This thing will be really helpful in your playthrough as it allows you to attack your enemies from a decent range. Also, it can be used for hunting.

Stone Arrows are the cheapest ammo in this game and they can be easily obtained. Here is the list of ingredients you will need to use to make Stone Arrows in Sons of the Forest:

  • x2 Sticks
  • x2 Feathers
  • x4 Stones

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All of these ingredients are not rare and the only problematic thing is Feathers. As for Sticks and Stones, they can be found everywhere. For example, you can get both of these things on a beach. Just look around and you will definitely find some Sticks and Stones.

Feathers are a more problematic thing to find. In order to obtain them, you will need to kill a bird. You can find lots of seagulls on any beach and of course, you can kill them to get feathers. However, this is not an easy task as you will need to be fast and precise. These birds will likely try to fly away once you approach them.

Sons of the Forest is an amazing survival game and we will be glad to help you make some Arrows for your bow. Also, you could check our guide on how to find Virginia. Be careful as this forest is filled with dangers!

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How to Make Arrows in Sons of the Forest


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