How to Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest – Guide

How to Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest - Guide

Kelvin is the primary male companion in Sons of the Forest. Even though Kelvin is deaf and unable to speak due to brain damage, he plays one of the most critical roles in the game. This guide will discuss how to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. Moreover, we will tell you why Kelvin gets injured.

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Healing Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

As soon as Sons of the Forest got officially released, many players reported that Kelvin could get injured. He starts lying on the ground holding his stomach. When hurt, Kelvin stops responding to your commands. He starts to be ineffective and doesn’t help spot enemies.

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To heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, approach him and press E on your keyboard. It will make Kelvin stand up and work for you again. But take into account that Kelvin will be upset after getting injured. He will be less productive and give less value to the protagonist.

Sometimes, Kelvin lies on the ground just to rest before continuing to work. In such a case, just give Kelvin his time. Let Kelvin relax as much as he wants, and you will get Kelvin happy and healthy again.

How to Recover Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Some players also report that Kelvin can pass away after getting injured. In such a case, it is impossible to heal Kelvin and make him appear in the game again. Sons of the Forest has permadeath. If Kelvin passes away, he will never return to the game.

That’s it with healing Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. You can quickly heal the main companion by pressing button E if the main companion gets injured. But if Kelvin dies, he does it permanently. So, take care of your companion and check our other Sons of the Forest guides. For example, you can read our guide on how to find Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest – Guide


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