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Do NPCs Respawn in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Do NPCs Respawn in Sons of the Forest? Answered
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The world of Sons of the Forest is brutal. You’ve been sent to an island that is crawling with cannibals and all kinds of disturbing mutated creatures. At least you don’t have to do it alone, right?

If you’re playing with your friends in the co-op mode, you can work together and increase your chances of survival. However, in case you decide to do a single-player campaign, you can still count on the help of different NPC companions, and the most popular is Kelvin.

But what if you want to be extra cruel and kill Kelvin or another companion just for fun? Do NPCs respawn in Sons of the Forest? Let’s get you the answers to those questions right away!

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Do NPC Companions Respawn in Sons of the Forest?

While you can get Kelvin as your trusty companion in Sons of the Forest at the beginning of the game, you will encounter others, like Virginia—a mutated girl with three arms and three legs—a bit later on in the wilds.

Some players don’t like to have companions in video games as they find them irritating, but in this case, they can prove to be quite useful (and not very chatty). Kelvin is actually mute and deaf, but he can still help you out and follow your written instructions to finish numerous chores. Meanwhile, Virginia can help with defending your settlement against various invading threats.

If for whatever reason, you don’t want to keep playing with companions, you can get rid of them by murdering them in cold blood. However, make sure that you’re completely okay with killing off your buddies—NPC companions don’t respawn in Sons of the Forest.

If you just want to satisfy your sadistic curiosity a little bit, or if you want to experience the game’s grueling difficulty on your own, you can do that too. Simply kill off your companions and then reload your previous save and avoid the consequences of your brutal deeds at a later moment.

Whatever you decide on, we hope you survive Sons of the Forest. For more help with this game, you can check out our other related articles like Can You Create Your Character in Sons of the Forest? or Will Sons of the Forest be on Console?

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Do NPCs Respawn in Sons of the Forest? Answered


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