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Will GTA V Be Released on Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch?

Will GTA V Be Released on Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch?

This topic can be considered comic if not the huge number of questions related to porting the hit from Rockstar Games to portable devices. So when will GTA V be released on Android or iOS, and is there a release date for GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch? There is no official information, so let’s turn to insider information.

When GTA v Comes Out on Nintendo Switch – The Estimated Release Date for GTA 5 on Android and IOS


Rumors about the beginning of the development of the port regularly appear on Reddit. This is thanks t the recent remasters of the trilogy, which are still filled with bugs today. The developers have not completely eliminated the technical problems caused by sending Remaster versions to outsourcing. But in the third part of Grand Theft Auto, an old version of the engine is used.

To see this, look at the facial expressions and movements of the characters in cut scenes. Hands without fingers, consisting of a single polygon, etc., were negatively perceived by gamers and the media.

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At the moment, there is not enough information, so we’ll have to wait. Now Google Play is full of fake applications masquerading as a popular video game. But do not be deceived: apart from viruses, and dubious quality games, you will not find anything there.

The situation is a little better on the Switch, however, on the hybrid console from the Japanese manufacturer, significant visual compromises will have to be made. They relate to the detail of objects, the distance of drawing an image, and other nuances.

So, how to play Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Games on the road? It remains to use a powerful laptop or Steam Deck, as well as numerous Chinese consoles which use Windows with x86 architecture.

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Will GTA V Be Released on Android, IOS, and Nintendo Switch?


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