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Who is the Mask Maker? Answered – Hollow Knight Guide

Who is the Mask Maker? Answered – Hollow Knight Guide

Want to know who is the Mask Maker in Hollow Knight? What purpose do they serve in the game? And such other things? Then look no further as in this guide, we will briefly explain the lore behind Mask Makers and what role they play in the game’s story. 

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Who is the Mask Maker in Hollow Knight?

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The Mask Maker is an NPC in Hollow Knight whom players meet while exploring the Deepnest area. The inherent goal of the Mask Maker is to make masks that serve as faces for the different faceless insects found in the Hollownest. 

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When you visit them in the northwest corner of the Deepnest area, you can hear the Mask Maker mumbling while making masks, sitting behind a desk surrounded by different-sized masks. When you enter the Mask Maker’s room for the first time, he wears one of three unique masks. 

According to the Mask Maker, a mask is a face needed for Hollownest residents to define, focus, and exist. He even thinks of his face as yet another mask. 

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You can also use spells like Desolate Dive or the Descending Dark to unveil the Mask Maker’s true grey face with swirling eyes

Apart from that, the main purpose of the Mask Maker in Hollow Knight is to enlighten you with Hollownest’s history and other lore related to the game. 

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They can tell you about the Vessel corpses, the genderless beings of the void sealed in the Abyss, the ancient caste’s attempts, the Knight’s void nature, and many other things. 

That concludes our guide on who is Mask Maker in Hollow Knight. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about the game down in the comments below!

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Who is the Mask Maker? Answered – Hollow Knight Guide


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