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How to Get Essence in Hollow Knight – Guide

How to Get Essence in Hollow Knight – Guide

Hollow Knight is one of the coolest indie games out there. Among its many interesting mechanics, it allows you to collect various resources, one of which is called Essence. It seems that it might be difficult for some of the players to understand how to obtain it, though, so in this guide you will learn how to get Essence in Hollow Knight.

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What is Essence in Hollow Knight?

One of the best features in Hollow Knight is related to the resource called Essence, which allows you to unlock different rewards. To do so, you will need to collect a certain amount of Essence and get your prize from the Seer.

The first thing you need to do to get access to Essence in Hollow Knight is get the Dream Nail. This weapon can be acquired in the Resting Ground. Once you’re there, you will need to find the Dreamers Memorial and interact with it. After that, you will be teleported to a new location, where you will find a Moth that gives you the Dream Nail.

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How to get Essence in Hollow Knight

There are a few possible ways to obtain Essence in Hollow Knight. First, if you want to farm this resource, you need to start by getting the Dream Nail. After that, you will be able to collect Essence. Here is the full list of ways to get this resource:

  • Using the Dream Nail on Whispering Roots;
  • Using the Dream Nail on Spirits;
  • Defeating Warrior Dream bosses;
  • Defeating hidden Dream bosses;
  • Defeating regular enemies that have a small chance to drop some Essence.

As you can see, there are a few ways to get Essence in Hollow Knight, and we hope this guide helps you obtain all possible rewards from the Seer. Good luck with your further adventures!

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How to Get Essence in Hollow Knight – Guide


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