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How to Beat Traitor Lord in Hollow Knight – Guide

How to Beat Traitor Lord in Hollow Knight – Guide

Even though most bosses in Hollow Knight are a piece of cake, some enemies might create significant problems even if you are a skilled player. One such boss is Traitor Lord. Read this guide, and you will find out how to bear Traitor Lord in Hollow Knight.

Who Is the Traitor Lord?

Traitor Lord is the 4th boss in the Pantheon of The Knight. He has 900 HP and four attacks: Dive, Dash, Dancing Glaive, and Ground Pound. The main feature is that the Traitor Lord uses them very frequently. Therefore, you should be a dodging professional to beat the Traitor Lord.

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How to Defeat Traitor Lord

The only must-have item for defeating Traitor Lord is the Sharp Shadow charm. It allows you to dash through Traitor Lord, dealing significant damage to him. Combining Sharp Shadow with Shade Cloak will prolong the Shard Shadow effect by 39%. And if you practice and perfectly learn Sharp Shadow cooldown, it will allow you to dodge all Traitor Lord’s attacks using this move.

Another valuable piece of advice for fighting Traitor Lord is to not heal during the fight unless you have Shape of Unn and Quick Focus spells. Healing without these spells takes much time. Every time you try to heal, it will result in a quick death, and one more try to defeat this boss.

Take into account that Traitor Lord repeatedly uses four of his attacks. Therefore, practice matters when talking about beating the Traitor Lord. If you learn to dodge and avoid his attack combinations, you won’t get defeated by him.

That’s it with beating Traitor Lord in Hollow Knight. Even though many players complain that the boss is too challenging, following the specific tactics, you can quickly kill Traitor Lord even if you do not have so much experience. And while you are here, make sure to check our list of the best Hollow Knight mods.

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How to Beat Traitor Lord in Hollow Knight – Guide


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