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Being placed into one of the four Hogwarts houses is an experience of the utmost importance for every young witch or wizard in the world of Harry Potter, and the same is true in Hogwarts Legacy. Your house serves as your home away from home while you’re in school and defines the part of the castle where you can sleep, do homework, and spend your free time with friends in a cozy and beautiful setting.

Each house has its common room and dormitories in a different section of the castle, and they all look quite different. While choosing a house is a highly personal task, we will try to delve deeper into the factors that make a great common room—perhaps that can help you decide on your own which house has the best common room in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Gryffindor Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Gryffindor common room in Hogwarts Legacy
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The Gryffindor common room is in the Gryffindor Tower, with its entrance famously behind the password-locked portrait of the Fat Lady. Hogwarts Legacy‘s version of this common room stays true to the house pride, as everything is decked in scarlet and gold tapestries, with lion-themed ornaments everywhere.

The space is airy and full of light, and it has a huge fireplace. The decor exudes a sense of chivalry, matching Gryffindor’s values perfectly. This is also the common room that the fans of Harry Potter are most familiar with, as we spent many hours there with Harry, Ron, and Hermione doing homework and analyzing the next clue on the road to defeating Voldemort.

Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Ravenclaw common room
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If you thought that the Gryffindor common room was full of light because of its location, wait until you see Ravenclaw’s.

This common room on two levels is located at the top of the Ravenclaw Tower, and it is a big circular space with many windows and a huge marble statue of the house founder, Rowena Ravenclaw. The curtains and the ceiling are painted a beautiful shade of blue, and the whole common room looks fit for a wise sage, with nooks and crannies filled with books everywhere and a huge fireplace in the center.

The design of the Ravenclaw common room is symmetrical and clean, and the atmosphere feels peaceful and intellectual—royal, even. Plus, the view from the tower windows looking out on the school grounds and the mountains of the Scottish Highlands can leave anyone breathless.

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Hufflepuff Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Hufflepuff common room Hogwarts Legacy
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Every Hufflepuff will fall in love with their common room, because it looks like a big greenhouse filled to the brim with plants of different kinds. Technically located in the kitchen cellars below the Great Hall, this space relies on a design full of wood, exposed brick, and half-circle arches that feel like they came out of a hobbit’s home.

The decoration features a lot of herbal motifs, and a soft light comes from the numerous lamps—they need to supplement the light from the windows, which are small and installed close to the ceiling because of the common room’s unique location. It is earthy, cozy, and almost fairytale-like, and it will have you coming back between classes all the time.

Slytherin Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy

Slytherin common room in Hogwarts Legacy
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Dark and mysterious, the Slytherin common room is in the dungeons and partially under the Black Lake, which gives it a very unique vibe. This common room probably has the most impressive entrance—you have to interact with a stone snake on the floor, which recoils and reveals a door in the wall.

Once you get in, you will be mesmerized by the otherworldly light coming from huge underwater windows and the amazing stonework that decorates every wall. Serpents feature prominently in all the decorative elements, but the common room is also filled with other peculiar objects, including the skeletons of various fantastical beasts.

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Hogwarts Legacy has done a great job bringing all four common rooms to life, and it is practically impossible to say objectively which one is the best. Still, even as a Gryffindor, I cannot deny how impressive and aesthetically pleasing the Ravenclaw common room is—even though Slytherin’s common room is the most atmospheric, and Hufflepuff’s shared space is the essence of cozy…

As you can see, it may be hard to make a final decision. The only thing left is to play the game four times and make sure you’re placed in different houses each time, so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of every common room in Hogwarts Legacy. For more Hogwarts Legacy guides and articles, check out our section dedicated to the game.

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