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Best Names to Use for Your Hogwarts Legacy Character

Best Names to Use for Your Hogwarts Legacy Character
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If you are a Harry Potter fan, you probably know about Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming action-adventure RPG by Avalanche Software. Set in the late 1890s, this long-awaited title is shaping up to be THE Harry Potter-inspired game, allowing you to be the wizard or the witch you’ve always wanted to be.

One of the biggest features of Hogwarts Legacy is its rich customization menu. There, you can choose what your character looks like (including hairstyles, eye color, and complexion), what they sound like, and whether you want them to sleep in the dormitory for witches or wizards.

Besides choosing all that, you will also need to choose the name of your character, and that’s where many players will probably gaze in the distance trying to think of a cool and appropriate name for their witch or wizard. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best names to use for your Hogwarts Legacy character that are just bursting with magic.

Best names for your Hogwarts Legacy character

Hogwarts Legacy character naming
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When thinking about what the name of your Hogwarts Legacy character should be, you have complete freedom of choice. And there are many routes that you can take. You may want to stay true to the Victorian time period, get inspiration from literature and art, or lean heavily into the naming practices that were used in Harry Potter books.

We give you our selection of the best names in all those categories and welcome you to mix and match to your heart’s desire.

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Best Victorian names for your Hogwarts Legacy character

If you want to stay true to the historical setting of Hogwarts Legacy and go for a name that would make total sense for the UK at the end of the 19th century, you might find a good choice in the list below:

  • Christopher Williams
  • Mabel Robinson
  • Gertrude Thompson
  • Elmer Griffiths
  • Homer Bennett
  • Arthur Watson
  • Myrtle Parker
  • Clarence Hughes
  • Clara Turner
  • Marion Edwards

Best magical names for your Hogwarts Legacy character

In case the names from the previous list sound a bit too basic for your taste, you can always find inspiration in numerous magical characters from art history, literature, or pop culture and give your Hogwarts Legacy avatar a bit more spice. Below is a table with some suggestions that are traditionally male and female, but some of them work well regardless of your gender or your Hogwarts Legacy character’s:

Traditionally FemaleTraditionally Male
Circe (Greek mythology)Gwydion (Welsh mythology)
Endora (from Bewitched)Oberon (Shakespearean)
Winifred (from Hocus Pocus)Prospero (Shakespearean)
Medea (Greek mythology)Faustus (German legend)
Morgana (Arthurian legends)Allanon (The Sword of Shannara)
Ravenna (from Snow White and the Huntsman)Orpheus (Greek mythology)
Calypso (Greek mythology)Olorin (Gandalf’s name in Quenya, The Lord of the Rings)
Fiona (from American Horror Story: Coven)Horus (Egyptian mythology)
Hecate (Greek mythology)Dionysius (Greek mythology)
Serafina (from His Dark Materials)Gawain (Arthurian legends)

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Best Harry Potter-inspired names for your Hogwarts Legacy character

It’s only natural that you might feel heavily inspired by the names of existing characters from the Harry Potter universe—after all, how can one beat a name like Horace Slughorn? While you are allowed to name your Hogwarts Legacy avatar Sirius Black or Hermione Granger, we recommend going for a more creative approach and try to emulate how that universe works. That is what we did in the list below:

  • Persephone Montague
  • Andromeda Edgecombe
  • Artemis Bagshot
  • Althea Dippet
  • Odysseus Warrington
  • Tristan Twycross
  • Lilith Scrimgeour
  • Merlin Longbottom
  • Troilus Grubbly-Plank
  • Penelope Shacklebolt

As you can see, you can choose a name inspired by different mythologies and place your character in one of the famous wizarding families. Who knows, maybe your Hogwarts Legacy character was the grandmother of the well-known Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt?

We hope you find enough inspiration from any of these approaches and come up with a truly unique wizarding name, deserving of your magical prowess. Let us know in the comments what name you settle on, and don’t miss our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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Best Names to Use for Your Hogwarts Legacy Character


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