With Raft: The Final Chapter being out! We have two new Vending Machines with new and old items that players can get using the updated currency, Vending Machine Tokens. Finding the Vending Machines is hard. And that is why we have players who want to know where to find Vending Machines in Raft: The Final Chapter?

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Seeing that, we have prepared a handy location guide that shares details on where you can find the Vending Machines in Raft: The Final Chapter.

Where to Find Vending Machines in Raft: The Final Chapter

In Raft, you can find Vending Machines in Tangaroa, a location added with The Second Chapter update, and on some of the new Islands introduced with The Final Chapter update. 

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To reach Tangaroa in Raft, you have to keep progressing the game till you reach Caravan Island. Once you are there, you have to open the Mayor’s Office using the code 2021 and access the document with the coordinates #8231.

Once you have the coordinates, go back to your Raft and put the coordinates on the Radar, and navigate to the marked location. There you will find a big Town shrouded by a metallic dome. Go inside and explore Tangaroa city. There, you will come across found Vending Machines. 

You can use Vending Machine Tokens to purchase some rare items from the Vending Machines. We already have a detailed guide that lists every item you can get from the Vending Machines. Check it out. 

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Now talking about the new Vending Machines, keep progressing Raft’s story, and you will eventually come across the Vending Machines on Temperance Island and Utopia. 

While progressing the game, you will arrive at Varuna Point and then Temperance Island, where you have to solve some environmental puzzles inside the Selene Reactor Facility to get the Reactor Room Key to finally open the Reactor Room, where they find the coordinates for Utopia.

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We hope this guide helped you in some manner in finding the Vending Machines in Raft. 

Raft is a survival game available on the PC platform. 

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Where to Find Vending Machines in Raft: The Final Chapter


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