Are you having trouble dealing with the Shark in Redbeet Interactive’s survival game, Raft? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. In this guide, we will share tips on how to kill a Shark in Raft. 

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So, without any further ado, let us check out how you can kill the infamous Shark in Raft that is always on your tail to kill you or destroy your Raft. 

How to Kill a Shark in Raft

Killing a Shark in Raft is easy if you know its attack patterns, how you can evade an incoming attack, when to attack, and other such things. First of all! Let us talk about the Shark’s attack patterns and how much damage the Shark deals to the players. 

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The Shark deals 30 DMG to players. That is, players can die if attacked by the Shark four times. That aside, the Shark attacks the player’s Raft every 5 minutes—granted, players are on the Raft. If players are not on the Raft, the timer stops and resumes as soon as players keep a foot on their Raft. 

You can distract the Shark using Shark Bait for around 20 seconds. In case you need that small window to catch something in the water without fearing a Shark attack. 

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With that said, let us talk about the strategy to kill the Shark in Raft. Whenever you are in the water—the Shark will lunge towards you, open his mouth, and when you are in range, the Shark performs a bite attack, dealing 30 DMG. 

You can use Spears, Bow, or other long-range weapons to attack the Shark’s mouth when it’s open. This will cause decent damage to the Shark and the Shark will even turn back and swim away for a few seconds before attacking again. 

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The process of killing a Shark in Raft is easy—but a little repetitive. You have to do the same thing again and again. Wait till the Shark lunges towards you, attack the open mouth, wait for the next attack. 

In case you are using Melee weapons, aim at the Shark’s nose to deal decent damage without taking DMG. 

The offense is fine, but what if you missed and the Shark is almost upon you? Keep your character in the Shark’s direction and quickly head towards the surface. Keep in mind! The Shark in Raft attacks in a straight line, and it cannot react to your sudden movement. 

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So that’s it. Now you know how you can kill a Shark in Raft.

Raft is a survival game available on the PC platform. 

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How to Kill a Shark in Raft


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