With the introduction of Fjordur DLC and the new creatures, including Desmodus, a giant bat creature that can fly, navigate at night, become invisible and do a plethora of other things—having a tamed Desmodus is a must-thing for ARK Survival Evolved players. And the community knows that—that is why we have players who want to learn where to find the Desmodus in the ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur map.

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You can hunt or tame a Desmodus to make the Sanguine Elixir, navigate in the night using the Echolocation skill, become invisible, use night vision or life steal, or a myriad of other skills and utility that you can make use of using Desmodus. 

Seeing that, we prepared a handy Desmodus location guide for ARK Survival Evolved that shares the exact location in terms of latitude and longitude that you can use to find Desmodus. 

Where to Find the Desmodus in ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur Map

You can find Desmodus in the dark location, mostly in the caves around the ARK Survival Evolved’s Fjordur map. The best place where you can find some high-level Desmodus is inside a Cave located at the coordinates 90 Latitude and 78 Longitude.

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Apart from the above location, here are other places where you can find the Desmodus creature in ARK Survival Evolved’s Fjordur map:

Desmodus Location in terms of Latitude and Longitude –

Screengrab Via Teachers Game Too

Here’s another set of locations for finding Desmodus:

Screengrab Via Teachers Game Too

You can open the map and use the Compass or other similar tool to go to any of the above locations using the Latitude and Longitude data. 

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So that’s it. We hope our guide helped you find Desmodus in ARK Survival Evolved’s Fjordur map. 

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Where to Find the Desmodus in ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur Map: Desmodus Location Guide


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