In this article, you will learn how to tame a Desmodus in ARK Survival Evolved on the Fjordur Map. Desmodus is a new bat-like flying creature in ARK Survival Evolved that got added with the Fjordur map DLC, released on June 12th, 2022, across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google’s Stadia platforms.

With Desmodus, players can not only fly, but they can also go completely invisible. They can even navigate at night without any light source. And do a myriad of other things.

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In this ARK Survival Evolved guide, we share details on how exactly you can tame the new Creature, Desmodus. 

How to Tame a Desmodus in ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur Map

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You can find Desmodus inside a Cave located at co-ordinate’s 90 Latitude and 78 Longitude. Before you start your hunt for Desmodus, make sure you have a Harpoon gun and around six or more nets handy. Also, take a few health packs as these are the main item you need for taming Desmodus. You also need a long-range weapon to kill the extra Desmodus found inside the cave. 

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Once you manage to gather all the pre-requisite items, get inside the cave you find at the shared coordinates. There, you will find around 4 to 6 Desmodus hanging on the ceiling. Use a telescope to check their levels. Kill the low-level Desmodus by first attacking them with the Harpoon gun to trap them inside the net and then using the long-range weapon to kill them.

Once the extra Desmodus is dead, agro the one that you want to tame. Let him grab and attack you. While you are in mid-air, the Desmodus will consume the Blood Packs. This will fill the Taming Meter. Once it is at 100%, you will fully tame the Desmodus.

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You have to get attacked two or three times to fully Tame the Desmodus in the ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur map. If you are still not able to Tame the Desmodus, we recommend you once check this Desmodus taming video guide.

So, that’s it. We hope you managed to get yourself the new Creature, Desmodus, in ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur DLC. 

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How to Tame a Desmodus in ARK Survival Evolved Fjordur Map


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