Cult of the Lamb soundtrack is one of the key aspects that makes the game a great rogue-like experience that players can enjoy on almost every major platform. The community is in love with the original soundtracks that play while playing Cult of the Lamb. And in the wake of that, we have many players who want to know where to find Cult of the Lamb OST. For such players, our Cult of the Lamb soundtrack guide will come in handy. 

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Where to Find the Cult of the Lamb OST

Cult of Lamb OST, created by River Boy, comprises forty-plus scores that play throughout the game. And thankfully, the entire playlist is available for free. You will find the Cult of the Lamb OST on Spotify, under River Boy’s official artist page. Or, you can visit his official YouTube channel to listen to Cult of the Lamb OST on YouTube

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Not fond of shuffling through the different Cult of the Lamb OST videos on YouTube? You can check out the Ambient Realms YouTube channel as they have compiled every Cult of the Lamb OST into a single one-hour and twenty-seven-minute video that players can play in the background while doing work, playing games, or just relaxing. 

All Cult of the Lamb OST 

In the above video! You will find the below-listed Cult of the Lamb OSTs. Though we recommend you check out River Boy’s Spotify as listening to Cult of the Lamb OST, there will support its original creator. 

  • Praise the Lamb
  • Start a Cult 
  • Temple 
  • Work and Worship
  • Faith Up 
  • Sacrifice 
  • Savior 
  • Darkwood 
  • Amdusias 
  • Leshy 
  • Knucklebones 
  • Pilgrim’s Passage 
  • The Night
  • Anura 
  • Eligos 
  • Heket
  • Shop 
  • Sozo
  • Anchordeep 
  • Saleos
  • Kallamar 
  • Followers of the Old Faith
  • Ratoo
  • Silk Cradle 
  • Vephar 
  • Shamura 
  • Plimbo 
  • Midas 
  • Witnesses 
  • Martyred
  • The Gateway 
  • First Son, Baal 
  • Second Son, Aym
  • Narinder 
  • The One Who Waits 
  • Enlightenment
  • Lamb God
  • Bishops of the Old Faith 
  • Light House
  • Bishop Temple 
  • Lonely Shack
  • Clauneck

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That is it. Now you know where to find Cult of the Lamb OST. This concludes our Cult of the Lamb soundtrack guide. 

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Where to Find the Cult of the Lamb OST: Soundtrack Guide


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