Where to Find Phioran Couple in Chained Echoes

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Chained Echoes is a fun story-driven RPG with cute retro graphics and exciting quests and challenges. You play as the leader of a team of heroes who explore the lands and fight enemies in an attempt to restore peace to the land of Valandis. The fantasy world is full of interesting creatures and people, including a couple of amphibian-types who may need your help… Find out below where to find the Phioran couple in Chained Echoes.

Finding the Phioran Couple in Chained Echoes

One of the many quests you are tasked with is to find the Phioran couple. This husband and wife pair are an amphibious species of people, so are most likely found in or around the waters.

Right now all you have to do is find and speak to both of them. To do this, first visit the beach south of Basil Village, on the far west area of the map. The female Phioran is stood on the beach with two rugs and some wooden crates, right near the water.

Female Phiroan found here (via Chained Echoes)

Approach her and speak to her to find out she is looking for her husband as they are meant to be on vacation together. She says he is probably in some freshwater river somewhere. This is a clue to where you may find him.

Speak to the female Phioran (via Chained Echoes)

The male Phioran can be found, as his wife suspected, in the freshwater rivers around Farnsport City, to the east of the map. It may be that you find him first, but this is absolutely fine. You do not have to find the pair in any particular order.

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Male Phioran location (via Chained Echoes)

Approach the male Phioran and speak to him to find out he is happy in the freshwater river. He also says not to tell his wife where he is! Once both Phiorans have been spoken to, the quest is complete.

Speak to him to complete the quest (via Chained Echoes)

That is all you need to know about this particular quest! Next up, why not find out where the buried treasure is located in the Rohlan Fields? Good luck!

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Where to Find Phioran Couple in Chained Echoes


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