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All Rohlan Fields Buried Treasure Locations in Chained Echoes

All Rohlan Fields Buried Treasure Locations in Chained Echoes
Image via Ark Heiral
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Chained Echoes is a 2D RPG by Matthias Linda about a group of travelling heroes who explore Valandis in the hopes of bringing an end to a war between kingdoms. The classic style lends itself well to the turn-based battles, with exciting towns and lands to explore. There is treasure to discover all over the vast lands, including each particular region, so for now let’s find all Rohlan Fields treasure locations.

Rohlan Fields buried treasures

All through the lands, there are treasure chests, collectibles, hidden caves, and buried treasures to find. At Rohlan Fields, you can discover a lot of treasures, including:

  • 28 Treasure Chests
  • 3 Hidden Caves
  • 10 Collectibles
  • 4 Buried Treasures

Three of the buried treasures are found under rocks, while one is found just under the ground. They can be located in the following areas:

chained echoes rohlan fields buried treasures
Buried Treasures in Rohlan Fields – Chained Echoes (via Matthias Linda)

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Starting with the top left X marking the spot of the buried treasure, this one can be found in this exact location:

rohlan fields buried treasure 1 chained echoes
Buried Treasure 1 (top left of map) (via YouTube)

Next, top right of the map is this buried treasure:

rohlan fields buried treasure  2 chained echoes
Buried Treasure 2 (top right of map) (via YouTube)

Thirdly, the next buried treasure, as seen on the bottom right of the map above, is here:

rohlan fields buried treasure 3 chained echoes
Buried Treasure 3 (bottom right of map) (via YouTube)

The fourth and last piece of buried treasure as seen on the bottom left of the map above is found here:

rohlan fields buried treasure 4 chained echoes
Buried Treasure 4 (bottom left of map) (via YouTube)

Those are all 4 pieces of buried treasure as found in Rohlan Fields in Chained Echoes. If you are still having trouble finding all four treasures, check out this helpful video from RPG Division:

Chained Echoes is available to play on PC, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Learn more about Chained Echoes at their website.

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All Rohlan Fields Buried Treasure Locations in Chained Echoes


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