The Mangrove Wood is one of the new additions in Minecraft that players can use to craft items like Fences, Buttons, Slabs, etc. Use it as decorations or for building certain structures.

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In this Minecraft guide, we share details on where you can find the Mangrove Wood. 

Where to Find Mangrove Wood in Minecraft

You can obtain Mangrove Wood by cutting down Mangrove Trees found in the Mangrove biome. 

Alternatively, players can also explore Swamps, coastal areas, and other similar-type of locations that have a water body—the Mangrove Trees usually grow in such places. 

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However, if we have to recommend, we suggest you go for the first option to obtain Mangrove Wood in Minecraft. 

The Mangrove Wood and the associated Biome were recently added to Minecraft. And, it is—by far—the best location to farm Mangrove Wood in the entirety of Minecraft. 

Just make sure you have an Axe or similar item to cut down the Mangrove Tree. Or else, a simple act of cutting down Mangrove Trees for Mangrove Wood can easily become a daunting task. 

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Where to Find Mangrove Wood in Minecraft


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