Warden vs. Ender Dragon: Who is stronger in Minecraft?

How to Summon the Warden in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft is no horror game, but the upcoming Wild Update might change that fact. The Wild Update will introduce a new terrifying mob named the warden. This monstrosity was first announced two years ago but has been delayed twice.

Players will finally get to experience the terror of the warden in the Minecraft 1.19 update, expected to release around the Summer of 2022. Mojang has already revealed quite a lot of information regarding the warden.

The warden has been shown defeating a player covered in Netherite gear with only a couple of hits. Many Minecrafters have wondered if the warden is more dangerous than the Ender Dragon.

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Is the Warden stronger than the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is the endgame boss in Minecraft. Even though the warden is a normal mob, it is much stronger than the Ender Dragon, a boss-type mob. The warden has been added to the Java Edition snapshot, and thus players can now know its health points and attack strength.

Here is a comparison between the stats of the warden and the Ender Dragon:

WardenEnder Dragon
Attack StrengthEasy: 16
Normal: 30
Hard: 45
Easy: 6
Normal: 10
Hard: 15
Easy: 3
Normal: 5
Hard: 7
Dragon’s Breath:
3per second
Dragon Fireball:
6 per second
Health Points500200

Without a doubt, the terrifying warden is stronger than the mighty Ender Dragon. Players can easily understand why the warden is more powerful than the final boss from the above stats.

As the warden has 500 whopping health points, it would take a long time to kill the beast from a safe distance. Mojang Studios wanted the warden to be a mob dangerous enough to keep the players away from deep dark caves. However, defeating the Ender Dragon is necessary to explore the End dimension.

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Warden vs. Ender Dragon: Who is stronger in Minecraft?



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