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Where to Find Dragon Boss in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map

Where to Find Dragon Boss in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map

Like other bosses of ARK Survival Evolved’s Fjordur DLC, you cannot find Dragon boss out in the wild. You have to use the boss’s terminal to make an Engram to summon the boss, or to teleport to the boss arena. Moreover, to activate her terminal, you need the Relic of one of the mini-bosses of the Fjordur map. And since you don’t have a direct marker pointing you to the boss, we have many players who want to know Where to find the Dragon boss in the Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map?

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Seeing that, we prepared a handy Ark Survival Evolved guide that shares the location of the Dragon boss terminal along with the items you need to craft the portal to the boss arena. Let’s get get them!

Where to Find Dragon Boss in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map

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You can find the Dragon boss Terminal inside a cave located at the coordinates: 82.9 Latitude and 21.2 Longitude. At the entrance of the cave, you will find two big Dwarven Statues. Get inside the cave and keep going further till you find a long staircase with a room on the left side. Inside the said room, you will find the Dragon boss Terminal. 

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Though, to actually summon the boss, you have to craft its Engram using the Relic of the mini-bosses, Haiti and Skoll. You can obtain the Relic once you defeat them. If you don’t know where to find Haiti and Skoll, check out this guide: How to Spawn Haiti and Skoll in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map.

Apart from Haiti and Skoll’s Relic, you need a few other items to activate the terminal to Dragon’s boss arena. You can find them listed below:

  • Allosaurus Brain x10
  • Artifact of the Cunning x1
  • Artifact of the Immune x1
  • Artifact of the Skylord x1
  • Artifact of the Strong x1
  • Basilosaurus Clubber x10
  • Giganotosaurus Heart x2
  • Tyranosaurus Arm x15
  • Haiti Relic x1
  • Skol Relic x1
  • Tusoceuthis Tentacle x10
  • Yutyrannus Lungs x10

That’s it. Now that you know the location where you can find the Dragon boss in ARK Survival Evolved’s Fjordur map and the materials you need to get to the boss’s lair, you can now get going and collect the missing items. 

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If you have all the required items, go to the above-mentioned coordinates and activate Dragon’s terminal to commence the boss battle. 

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Where to Find Dragon Boss in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map


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