Haiti and Skoll is a powerful pair of two bosses that players can fight and defeat in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map to obtain their Relics used to summon the Dragon boss. You have to defeat Haiti and Skoll if you want to progress Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur DLC. In the wake of that, we have many players who want to know how to spawn Haiti and Skoll in the Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map. 

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To help players out, we have prepared a handy guide that talks about how you can spawn Haiti and Skoll in the Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map.

How to Spawn Haiti and Skoll in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map

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You can spawn Haiti and Skoll using their Terminal found at the coordinates: 20.5 Latitude and 37.1 Longitude in the Asgard region of the Fjordur map.

To spawn Haiti and Skoll, you have to make an Engram—which creates the portal that leads to Haiti and Skoll boss arena. You can craft the Engram at the boss Terminal itself, granted you have thirty Runestones. 

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You can get Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map by defeating Alpha enemies found in the wild. You can identify whether an enemy is an Alpha or not by looking at their names. Every Alpha enemy in Ark Survival Evolved has the text “Alpha” before their name. 

Once you have managed to obtain thirty Runestones, go to the above Haiti and Skoll Terminal, craft the Engram and summon the boss. That’s it. Defeat them to take their Relics that you will be needing for summoning one of the Island bosses. 

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How to Spawn Haiti and Skoll in Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map


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