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Where to Find Cloth in Dredge – All Locations

Where to Find Cloth in Dredge – All Locations
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In Dredge, upgrading your boat is essential to progress through the game, and one of the most critical materials you will need for these upgrades is Cloth. While it may seem like a common material, finding it can be a challenge. In this guide, we will discuss all the locations where you can find Cloth in Dredge.

Dredge Cloth Location Guide

Upgrading the boat should be one of your top priorities in Dredge. As you progress through the game, you will quickly realize that inventory management can be quite challenging due to the limited number of inventory slots available. Upgrading the boat is the only way to increase your inventory slots and carry more items with you on your fishing trips. It will also unlock new fishing locations and allow you to catch bigger and more valuable fish.

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Aside from requiring a considerable amount of money, upgrading the boat in Dredge requires three important items: Lumber, Metal Scrap, and Bolt of Cloth. You will need to obtain the Dredge machine to obtain cloth and other items needed for upgrading the boat. There are multiple dredging spots for farming cloth in Dredge.

Image via Black Salt Games

Here are some of the top locations to dredge for Bolt of Cloth in Dredge:

  • Three dredge spots near Steel Point
  • West of Greater Marrow
  • West of Little Marrow
  • West corner of the southern island in Stellar Basin
  • Two spots in the middle and west side of Gale Cliffs
  • Near Charred Pontoon
  • On the island south of Charred Pontoon
  • South of Camp in Twisted Strand

While you can visit each of these locations individually, there is a faster and more efficient way to farm for Bolt of Cloth. By using the Save & Exit feature in Dredge, you can reset all fishing and dredging spots, allowing you to farm at one spot repeatedly. Simply dredge for cloth at a chosen location, save and exit the game, and then re-enter to dredge again.

Repeat the steps as many times as necessary to gather the amount of Bolt of Cloth required for upgrading your boat. Check out the guide to earning cash in Dredge as you will also need money to upgrade boat.

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Where to Find Cloth in Dredge – All Locations


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