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Best Gear and Upgrades in Dredge

Best Gear and Upgrades in Dredge
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In Dredge, the right equipment can mean the difference between success and failure. As a fisherman, you must make a living by catching fish and uncovering the ocean’s secrets. But be warned, danger lurks in the unknown depths, and a lack of proper gear can leave you at the mercy of the creatures that inhabit the waters. In this guide, we will show you the best upgrades you need for your fishing rod, engine, crab pot, and net to increase your catch rate and improve your chances of survival.

What are the Best Gear and Upgrades in Dredge

Fishing Rod Upgrades

Dredge Fishing rod upgrades
Fishing rod upgrades (Image credit: Dredge)

First, let’s look at the best fishing rods for each type of fish in Dredge. As a fishing game, Dredge offers a diverse array of fish species to catch and collect. At the beginning of the game, you start with a simple fishing rod that catches coastal fish such as Cod and Arrow Squid. However, as you progress, you’ll want to upgrade your rod to increase your chances of catching different types of fish.

RodFish categoryCatch rateResearch parts needed
Harvesting PlatformCoastal, Shallow, and Oceanic150%5
Versatile RodCoastal, Shallow, Mangrove, and Volcanic62%4
Fathomless WinchAbyssal, Hadal, and Oceanic94%3

Using these three rods, you can catch every kind of fish in Dredge. Grinding for these fishing rods will make the rest of the time in Dredge easy.

Engine Upgrades

Engine upgrades
Engine upgrades (Image credit: Dredge)

When you are new to Dredge, the slow movement of the ship can be a tad bit boring. Fortunately, you can upgrade the ship’s engine to increase the ship’s speed. Engine Stack is the best engine in Dredge as it provides +64 Kn speed. This high speed also comes with a price tag of $750 and requires 5 research parts.

Instead of Engine Stack, you can also settle for Twin Jet Drive Engine. It has an impressive speed of +56.3 Kn and needs 4 research parts.

Crab Pot Upgrades

Crab pot upgrades
Crab pot upgrades (Image credit: Dredge)

Like fish, you can also catch crabs in Dredge. But to catch them, you must lay crab pots in the ocean. These items last a few days and catch crabs before they must be repaired. Here are the best crab pot upgrades in Dredge:

Crab PotDurationYield CapacityResearch parts needed
Reinforced Crab Pot8 days3/day6×53
Massive Crab Pot8 days2-3/day5×52
Complex Crab Pot8 days3/day5×42

Dredge also has a crab pot called Maw of the Deep which lasts 10-11 days and yields 3 crabs daily. Sadly, it is not obtainable using research parts.

Trawl Net Upgrades

Net upgrades
Net upgrades (Image credit: Dredge)

Lastly, we will discuss the best trawl net upgrades in Dredge. As your focus shifts towards the story and catching exotic fish, you won’t have time to catch regular fish. You still need the common fish to maintain your finances as they fetch a good price. This is where nets come into play.

Trawl nets let you catch fish while you are away. Here are the top three net upgrades in Dredge:

NetDurationCatchesYield CapacityResearch parts needed
Heavy Duty Trawl Net3 daysCoastal and Oceanic18/day9×104
Large Trawl Net3 daysCoastal and Shallow12/day8×83
Tempered Mesh Net8 daysCoastal and Volcanic12/day6×62

These were all the best gears and upgrades in Dredge. While you are here, check out our guide on quickly earning cash in Dredge. You will need lots of money to buy the best gear for your fishing journey.

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Best Gear and Upgrades in Dredge


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