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How to Get Cash Quickly in Dredge – Money Making Guide

How to Get Cash Quickly in Dredge – Money Making Guide
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If you want to make cash quickly, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty like any fisherman would. While Dredge features some horrors and oddities, it’s a fishing game at heart so get that rod ready in hand.

As you explore remote isles and their surrounding depths, completing quests and encountering dangerous creatures, you need to earn money quickly to upgrade your boat and equipment. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to earn cash quickly in Dredge.

Dredge Quick Money-Making Guide

Dredge features an in-game currency that is crucial for upgrading your boat and purchasing better equipment. To accumulate the necessary funds, players must sell their fish to the locals. Selling fish is the simplest and most effective way to earn cash quickly in Dredge.

Fishes in Dredge (Image credit: Black Salt Games)

Since most of the inventory is reserved for essential items such as fishing rods and engines, players cannot hoard fish so sell them while you can. Fish stored in the inventory will eventually spoil and result in lower prices.

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Players should focus on catching and selling fish immediately to earn cash quickly in Dredge. It’s best to farm as many fish as possible and sell them to the Fishmonger or Travelling Merchant for a quick cash boost. While rarer fish fetch higher prices, they also take up more inventory slots. Therefore, players should concentrate on farming fish like cod, which are easy to catch and offer a high price per slot among common fish.

Here are the prices you will get for fish based on their condition:

  • Fresh fish: sell for the full price
  •  Stale fish: sell for 60% of the full price
  •  Rotting fish: sell for 30% of the full price
  •  Infected fish: sell for 30% of the full price, but be careful, as they can infect other fish in your inventory.

Remember to keep an eye on your inventory and sell your fish as soon as possible to avoid them becoming stale or rotting. While fishing, you can also complete Fishmonger Pursuit to earn more cash at the same time.

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How to Get Cash Quickly in Dredge – Money Making Guide


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