Ancient Dragon is one of the many Legendary pets in Adopt Me that players can obtain via a Royal Egg, Pet Egg, or Cracked Egg. However, most players prefer obtaining pets like the Ancient Dragon via Trade over purchasing Eggs. But before they can go ahead with the trade, players want to know what is Ancient Dragon worth in Adopt Me?

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Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide that talks about the worth of Ancient Dragon and its Neon variant in Adopt Me. 

What is Ancient Dragon Worth in Adopt Me?

The worth of the regular Ancient Dragon in Adopt Me is equal to that of Alicorn. If someone is offering you an Alicorn in exchange for a regular Ancient Dragon, you can make the trade as the worth of both is almost the same.  

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That aside, the worth of the regular Ancient Dragon is a little less than Horse and Carriage and a little more than the Vampire Stroller. So, if you get a Horse or a Carriage in trade for an Ancient Dragon, we recommend you go ahead as you will be benefitting from this trade. 

When it comes to Neon Dragon, its worth is a little more than Neon Mechapup and a little less than the Blue Egg. The Neon Elephant is one of the pets that share equal worth to the Neon Dragon. 

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You can visit websites like Adopt Me Trading Values to trade your Adopt Me pets to other players. Or, you can trade any of your pets via the in-game Trade feature. 

Now that you know the actual worth of the Ancient Dragon and the Neon Ancient Dragon, you can go and start making the trade. 

Adopt Me is currently available on the Roblox platform. 

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What is Ancient Dragon Worth in Adopt Me? – Answered


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