With the addition of the newest uncommon pet called Poodle, we have players who want to know how to make Neon Poodle in Roblox Adopt Me? Well! This is exactly where our guide comes in handy. We not only share details on how you can make Neon Poodle in Adopt Me, we also talk about the location where you can make Neon Pets and the requirements to make a Neon Poodle.  

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So, with that said, let us check out how to make Neon Poodle in Roblox Adopt Me.

How to Make Neon Poodle in Roblox Adopt Me

Neon Poodle

You can make Neon Poodle in Adopt Me by placing four Poodle, each on a glowing circle inside the Neon Cave, merging the Poodle into one Neon Poodle. 

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Poodle is an uncommon pet that got added to Roblox Adopt Me on July 21, 2022. It’s a relatively new pet whose Neon version can be obtained only when you have four Poodle on you. 

Now that you know that you can make Neon Poodle in the Neon Cave using the uncommon pets, Poodle, the question is, where to find the Neon Cave in Adopt Me?

Where to Find Neon Cave

In Adopt Me, you can find the Neon Cave under the main bridge that connects Adoption Island and the Neighborhood locations. When you are under the main bridge, open the door and get inside the cave. Keep moving till you are at the end of the cave. There you will find four glowing circles on the edge of a big circle having a central circle. 

How to Get Poodle in Adopt Me

As we mentioned earlier, Poodle is an uncommon rarity pet in Adopt Me that players can get via Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, and Royal Egg. 

If your luck in obtaining Poodle from the said Eggs is not good, you can always get them from other players via Trade. 

Adopt Me is currently available on the Roblox platform. 

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How to Make Neon Poodle in Roblox Adopt Me 


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